Monday, October 18, 2021

Casket Company Trade Sign Card - Stampers Anonymous


The Rest In Peace stamp set from Tim Holtz snd Stampers Anonymous got me to thinking about old trade signs. Back when many people weren’t literate, a lettered sign advertising a business wasn’t really helpful. So signs, like those in the picture below, were in a shape representing businesses were very helpful. So I took that inspiration and decided to make an undertaker’s trade sign.

For example, a boot for a boot repair, a mortar and pestle for an apothecary, a glove, a hat, a tooth...a coffin. 

To make the coffin shape, I began by making the card base. Begin by cutting a piece of 8.5x11 black cardstock in half. This makes two 8.5x5.5 pieces. Both need to be coffin shapes. Mark a 2.5" section in the top middle of the piece and mark 2" down on each side, as seen in the photo above.


Now draw a diagonal line between the two marks.

This forms the top of the coffin shape.


Mark a 3" section in the bottom center of the 5.5x8.5 papers.

Draw another diagonal from the 2" down mark at the top to the 3" marks as the bottom to make the lon side diagonals.

The shape should look like this when you are finished. You need two separate coffin shapes. 


Then take another 8.5 x11 black cardstock and make a fold on the 11 side at 8.5. this will make an 8.5x8.5 square. Fold it over and cut a third coffin shape from it including the 2.5" flap.

Attach one of the coffins over the flap on what will become the inside of the card. the flap will be on the back.


It should look like this on the inside.

The flap on the back needs covered, so the second coffin shape you cut at the beginning will go on the back and will cover the flap.

This will make the back a bit thicker with two pieces of cardstock, but you will be adding some heavystock to the front so it will be fine.

To make the actual stamped sign image, put a mixture of Black Soot and Ground Espresso Distress Paint on the nonstick craft mat. Then run a brayer through it until you get an even coat. You will be stamping the images from Rest in Peace onto an 8.5x5.5 piece of Distress White Heavystock in  the Distress Paint.  I arranged the stamps over the piece of Heavystock and used a stamp platform so I could stamp multiple times. 
You cover the brayer evenly with paint, then roll it over the stamps, then stamp. Let it dry a bit before stamping again until you get a solid coverage. Then Let dry completely.
Here you can see I placed the stamps where I wanted on the paper and stamped them all at the same time. Before you color the paper, you need to go over the skull with some Distress Micro Glaze to make sure it stays light and will stand out on your trade sign.
When that was done, I sprayed the rest of the paper with water and bits of Pumice Stone, Weathered Wood, Hickory Smoke and Walnut Stain Distress Stains. I was going for an old, grey, weathered wood look.
NOTE: I thought the CASKET CO part was too dark so after I had stained it, I decided to try and stamp over it with Picket Fence Distress Paint. Don't worry that it won't line up perfectly, just get it close. The black off-set makes it stand out even more.
Then cut the paper in half so you have two 4.25x5.5" pieces. Ink the 3D Lumber Texture Fade with some Black Soot and Ground Espresso Archival Ink. Then mist the paper once with water, and run it through the texture fade with the inked paper facing the inked side of the texture fade. Do this to both papers.
NOTE: you also need to do this to a third piece of unstamped but stained heavystock for the wood outline details.
 Once they are embossed, cut the pieces along the deep plank lines. Ink the edges and then assemble them in order over the coffin card. Trim the excess along the outside so it is the shape of the card. 
Now you want to add some detail, so cut the third piece of embossed paper into .25" strips and adhere those around the outside of the coffin shape.
You can see here the outside detail and how the ink on the texture fade really makes the wood look old and worn and makes the stamped images look like they had been painted on the wood years ago.
That little bit of wood detailing does so much more than you think it will.

I decided to add some "nails" to the sign, so I took Crypt Grit Paste and pounced it on 10-12 Long Fasteners (brads) and one dry I rusted them by putting Ground Espressom Barn Door, Crackling Campfire, Rusty Hinge, etc types of Distress Crayon colors on them.
You need to poke holes through the layers of paper before setting the fasteners. then, color areas of the paper with Distress Crayon and a waterbrush to make it look like they have rusted down the sign and into the wood.
I added some of that rusty look here and there on the sign as well. It adds to the aged look.
That's it! There you have an early trade sign card for Halloween. Granted it's a little labor intensive, but the process is fun and you'll just have to pick someone special to give this one to who you know will appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your interest in this card and for reading my blog post! I appreciate you!!
Now let's keep creating! 

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Makira said...

Love this!!! Your work is spectacular and thanks for the reminder of antique trade signs. 🤎💜

Jane B. said...

This is the perfect Halloween card. Thanks for the info on how to create it. Amazing.