Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Halloween Main Street Windows - Idea-ology

The windows on Disneyland's Main Street have often been a source of inspiration for my makes, and that couldn't be more true about this one. Using manhy of the new products release in the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Halloween release, I decided to make a piece that represents three different windows that could be found on Main Street USA.
I took some time to talk through this project and I hope you will find this short video to be helpful in your own makes.
To begin with, you need to cover the inside and outside with Backdrops Halloween paper. I chose the crackle for the outside, the stripe for the top and bottom boxes, and the cool green and orange splatters for the back and center box. Then you want to drill one hole in the top back of the bottom box, drill through the top of the same box and into the bottom of the middle box. Then drill into the bottom of the top box.
Your lighting will look something like this. Put 6 or seven lights in each box.
In the bottom box, I wound the 6-7 lights around a thin piece of wood. I t could be a coffee stirrer, or I have a bag of these thing wood strips that i bought at a hobby store in the wood crafting area.
Then thread it through to the middle box.
The middle section of lights will be in the cauldron, so color the lights for that section green. I chose Lettuce Alcohol Ink. These will go inside the cauldron under the green Bubbles, colored with the same alcohol ink.

Let's  talk about the top box and some details. This one was based on the Candy Palace windows.

I began by coloring some Bubbles orange with Ember alcohol ink. Then I colored some Distress Rock Candy Glitter the same color. Put some Glossy Accents on two fingers and then roll a Bubble in it. Once it is covered, drop it in the orange Ember glitter and roll it around until it is covered. continue until you have several colored. Then set aside to dry.
Once dry, I cut up some of the cellophane from the Idea-ology packaging and wrapped it around the round Confections and the sugared Bubbles. You will pile these around the Jack-o-Lantern.
The Jack-o-Lantern is sitting up in a little foam square I had ( you can use anything you have on hand) that I covered in glossy accents and then covered in the Nightfall Glitter. Adhere the confections sticks in the Jack-o-Lantern.
And before you adhere him in place. Attach three of the black and white Baseboard pieces to the back wall.Also, add a glittered piece of Etcetera Trim to cover up the lights, which should be attached along the bottom of the top box to add drama.
The middle window represents a Disney Villain, and they are often featured around the parks during this time, so I decided to do a window with the Evil Queen/Old Hag from Snow White.

 For the lights on this one you need to drill a hole in the back and front-side of the cauldron. Insert the 6-7 lights through the back of the cauldron, pull one or two out the front hole. They will all be covered by the bubbles.
As you can see,  the lights and wires are covered by the Bubbles. I adhered them in the the cauldron and the lights with Glossy Accents. I also added a touch of Tarnished Brass Distress Paint to the handles of the Cauldron just for detail.
 In the back corners of the box I added some Glossy Accents and the Midnight Mica. Also, pick a few of the tiny labels from the Snippets Ephemera to put on some Tiny Vials. Add a drop or two of various colors of Alcohol Ink in each Tiny Vial, let dry, and then cork and tie a bit of string around the neck.
 I popped a poison ephemera piece up on a bit of chipboard to hang ont he left back wall, and the Deco Frame has some Mirrored Sheet in it that I sprayed with Distress Resist Spray. You need to attach the Tiny Lights to the back wall with Collage Medium or Hot Glue, and then use dimensional adhesive on both sides of the back of the mirror to make a channel for the lights wire so it is hidden.

To make the poison apple, I drilled a tiny hole with my Dremmel through the tiniest pumpkin and adhered a long piece of heavy black crafting thread. Then I used a detail hot glue gun to and for drops on the bottom of the pumpkin to give it an apple shape. I held it while it cooled. Then I painted it red with Distress Candied Apple Paint.
Next, I carefully added more hot glue but tried to make it look like the drippy skull from the Snow White movie and ride.
Once it was cool I painted it with a tiny paint brush with Peeled Paint Distress Paint. I wanted it really shiny so I sprayed in a couple of times with Distress Resist Spray. I wanted it the hang like it does when she holds it up after dipping it in the poison. So I painted a Halloween Etcetera Trim cobweb in Black Soot and then brushed Glossy Accents over it, sprinkle the Nightfall Glitter on it and let it dry. Once dry, I attached it to the middle back of the top of the box. Then tied the apple through the spider web so it coiuld hang over the cauldron,
The last box is based on a window I see every Halloween. It has pumpkins, books, candles, etc. Begin by adhering the piece of wood with the lights to the top back of the box. Adhere the Theatrical Powder Baseboard to the back of the section. Color some Mummy cloth with Black Soot Distress Stains. Add these to the ends of a set of Bracket Etcetera Trims that have been sprayed with Crooked Broomstick Mica Stain.

 I painted an Urn, two Candle Stands, on Deco Frame and the Bracket Etcetera Trims in Black Soot. Then Lightly spray with Crooked Broomstick,  and splatter bits of Flickering Candle and Jack-o-lantern on all three. Dry with a heat tool and wipe off any excess that doesn't dry. It is really cool to see how much just this little bit makes to the metals.

When I attached the Drippy Candles to the Candle Stands, I used the Detail Glue Gun I had out, so I attached the candles. But for this window it needed more, so I added some drips along the bottom of the candles, painted them and distressed them with Distress crayons.
I attached three pumpkins and added them to the urn with a tiny bit of moss. The masks on the book are froman older dies set called Masquerade. I cut them from Black Kraftstock, then glittered them and added a tiny bit of black crafters thread for ties. These go in a book that is made from some bits of old book pages I cut up and a piece of ephemera that had handwriting on it
I apologize if I missed a detail you were looking for. Please feel free to contact me through the form in the right hand column and I will do my best to help.

Have a creative day!

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Nana Bluebird aka Kathy Aho said...

I love all the details you add and this is a super fun imagining of what Main Street could be! Kathy Aho aka Rockester

scrappergirl56/Sherry said...

Now that is a "Sweet" make...LOL. So sorry, couldn't help all the details and that apple...WoW!

Linda Stenzel said...

Thank you so much for the mini tutorial of your incredible make!!! You always give me inspiration and I enjoy all the little details!

Maureen Reiss said...

Amazing make!!! Your eye for details always inspires me!! Thanks!