Thursday, December 3, 2020

Die-cember 2020 Just Got Merrier!

 This beautiful cardinal die by Tim Holtz Sizzix can be yours FREE from Simon Says Stamp, with any Tim Holtz product purchase this month, while supplies last. It's it darling?
This is an exclusive die to Simon Says Stamp so you can't purchase it anywhere and when it is gone, it is gone. so if you want it, don't delay. I have links below to Simon Says Stamp for the products I used in this product today.

For the back of this piece, I cut two of the Cathedral Window dies from Woodgrain Cardstock colored with various brown Distress Stains, and two from chipboard. I adhered the woodgrain to the chipboard. Then I attached one window to a large sheet of Mica. I wanted it to be kind of frosted looking, so I brushed Distress Collage Medium on it, then I attached the second window to the back so the mica was sandwiched between.

I colored some Distress Watercolor Cardstock with the new Distress Rustic Wilderness Distress Stain,
then cut greenery out with the Large Funky Festive dies.

Once I had them in place, I added some Distress Collage Medium to hold the Mica Flakes and Distress Rock Candy Glitter.

The pinecones were made after watching Tim Holtz's Holiday Demo Part 3. His demo is much better than one I could do here and well  worth watching if you havent.

To make the light up drippy candles, you will need to follow a different demo than the one I posted on here. Mine don't light up. Tim Holtz took the idea to a whole new level! You can see the light up drippy candle demo here.

To make these, I used white heavy stock, and painted them with Distress Picket Fence paint, then sprayed them with Distress Resist Spray and Distress Rock Candy Glitter.
The base of the piece is a Curio Box made from Chipboard and Distress Kraft Heavystock. I cut two covers and embossed the second one.
I highlighted the detail from the Engraved 3D Texture Fade with some Walnut Stain Distress Paint.
Then cut it apart, inked it, and glued it onto the outside of the curio box once it was built.
I then drilled a hole in the top and back of the box to thread the Tiny lights through and into the drippy candles. Before I adhered them to the top of the box, I hand cut a piece of white heavystock and adhered it to the top to look like snow.
Then attached the lights, put some Translucent Grit Paste onto the heavystock and sprayed it with Distress Glitter. I made sure to flick the entire piece with tiny drops of Distress Picket Fence Paint.
I made sure to attach the battery pack for the Tiny Lights onto the back of the box.

Lastly, I attached more of the greenery then the delightful cardinals, and propped them up with a few more pinecones. 

To make the front cardinal look like it was sitting, I cut off the legs and part of the tail. I adhered the Cathedral Window, Cardinals, and three more pinecones, all with a glue gun. A quick spray of Distress Glitter before the glue dries, helps to cover it and makes it look like snow.

Just a reminder that this cardinal die is FREE from Simon Says Stamp with the purchase of any Tim Holtz products, while supplies last. Once it is gone it is gone, so don't wait. You can use any of my affiliate links below for any of Tim's products to make your own little vignette like the one above.

Merry Die-cember to you all!

I am an affiliate with Simon Says Stamp, so the links below send you to their store.  If you wish to purchase something from them and use one of my links below, I get a small percentage of your order, at no additional cost to youThis helps me to defray the costs of this blog, the time, the ideas and tutorials I post here. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Idea-ology Christmas Candy Shop - Part 2

Alright! Post number two of the Christmas Candy Shop! In the first post, I covered how to make the sugared letters, and the faux chocolate Santa and bells. Today we are going to cover two more candies and then I will address how to pull the entire thing together in the last post.
For the peppermint candies, I bought some lollipop sticks from the candy area of my local hobby store.

Then attach the peppermint stripe Design Tape from the Idea-ology Christmas 2020 Design Tape down one side of the Lollipop stick.
Do your best to line up the stripes and attach another piece down the other side of the lollipop stick.

 Mine had a bit of a gap in the back, but I really wasn't worried about it. Once I put the candy cane sticks into the piece, I just made sure that part was facing the back on all of them.

 I cut the sticks into 3 pieces, but you might want to measure and cut the size that will fit wherever you are putting the candy.

To make them really look like candy, they need to be in a wrapper. So I cut apart the packaging from some Distress Paper and made the wrappers for my candies. It is very easy to do and is a perfect way to recycle.

For this packaging, only the front was clear, but that was enough for what I needed. I did a rough measure with one stick and cut enough for the candy cane sticks I had made.

Next, roll the candy cane up in a piece of the cello paper, and twist the end around very tight, so that it keeps the wrapper closed. If it is too long, trim off the end once it is twisted.

Here you can see that the little gap in the back of these didn’t show at all.

The next candy I used Idea-ology Baubles, colored them with the same alcohol inks as the glitters. To attach the glitter, I rolled the colored baubles in some Distress Collage Medium, then I quickly rolled it in the matching Distress Glitter that I used for the letters. You need to set them aside to completely dry.

Once they are dry, cut some more cello to wrap these as well.

Wrapping these is a little different. You have to fold the cello in so that one side lays over the other on the Bauble. As you see above, you have to hold it in place.

Again, you need to twist one end the same way you did with the peppermints. If it is too long, then trim it.
When you have a little pile of them to put in the corner, they look so yummy! 

Don’t wrap all of the sugared baubles because you will want to use some of the silver metallic tree.

That's all there is to two more types of candy to make. Tomorrow it is on to assembling this project.

 I'm always so very, very grateful for the support you show me by visiting here, leave comments, send messages, and such. I truly appreciate it!


I am an affiliate with Simon Says Stamp and so the links below send you to one of those stores depending on which logo you choose.  If you wish to purchase something from either store and use one of my links below, I get a small percentage of your order, at no additional cost to youThis helps me to defray the costs of this blog, the time, the ideas and tutorials I post here. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!



Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Idea-ology Christmas Candy Shop - Part 1

Remember my Halloween Candy Shop? It was a lot of fun to make. So much so, that I decided to make a Christmas Candy Shop using Tim Holtz Christmas Idea-ology. To keep this from being a little overwhelming, I'm going to write a couple of blog posts. Today's is going to focus on the sugared CANDY sign, and some of the faux chocolates in the shop.

To begin with, I needed some colored glitter. This is very easy to do. Get a few disposable condiment cups, Distress Rock Candy Glitter, Alcohol Inks and a stir stick for each color. Put some Distress glitter into a cup, then a few drops of the Alcohol Ink color you want. Stir it until the glitter is an even color, adding more drops until you get the shade you want. Then let it dry. I used Crimson, Wild Plum, Sunshine Yellow, Lettuce and Pool, but you choose the colors you want.

While the glitter is drying, you want to get started working on the letters. The glitter will need something transparent to stick to so the Tiny Lights show through it and make it shine like sugared letters.  This has to be done in a couple of steps. Begin by putting the Stencil Chip Letters onto the nonstick mat on the Glass Media Mat. Then Carefully fill each letter with Glossy Accents and set them aside to dry. TIP: if you have both the regulation and travel glass mats, I did this on the travel mat so that I could set it aside on a flat surface to dry overnight. If not, just do this step as the last thing before you quit creating for the day.
This is what they look like as they are drying. They need to dry competely and not be lifted at all until then.

Once they are dry, carefully peel each Stencil Chip off the nonstick mat. You should be able to see though the Glossy Accents, but there will be a little bit of texture from the mat, but it's not an issue.
Transfer the letters to the glass portion of the mat, and fill each letter again with Glossy Accents.
Then generously cover each letter with a different color glitter and again, let it dry for several hours before shaking the glitter off.
You should end up with what looks like colored sugar in each letter. If the color isn't what you want, you can paint some of the Alcohol Ink colors onto the back of each letter to give them more colors. I will come back later to address how to put the letters in the shop.
Right now we are moving on to the Tiny Bells. I pulled out all of these bells (not the jingle bells) from the package of Tiny Bells. The next two "candies" were inspired by some Easter candies Tim Holtz made last year. He covered some eggs with foil and colored them. So I used his idea for some chocolate Christmas candies. It was so fun! Thanks Tim for the inspiration!
I used some foil candy wrap that I purchased from the candy aisle at Hobby Lobby. It is the same thickness as the foil on Candy Kisses. If you don't have a candy section in a hobby store near you use Candy Kiss foil. I crumpled part of a square and put it in the bottom of the bell.
Then I cut the foil into quarters and used one quarter to cover the bell like it was a chocolate bell.
The more you squeeze it and work it flat, the more it looks like the chocolate bells that come in candy assortments all over the US at Christmas. To make it really look like a chocolate bell, I painted each one with a different color of Alcohol Ink. These were really fast and easy to do. Also there is a little hole/hanger in to the top of each bell. Poke a hole through the hanger at the top and tie some thread through it so that it looks like a chocolate bell ornament.
The last one for today is to make a faux chocolate Santa. I took the thin foil and crinkle it. Then I attached it to the Idea-ology Santa using a small brush and collage medium. This helps flatten out the foil and make it look more like a chocolate Santa. Then do the same thing you did with the bells, paint the foil with Alcohol Ink. I use a pallet with the alcohol ink colors  and blending solution in one,
You can see the back here and how I left what would have been white parts, like the trim on the coat and hat, to be silver. It looks like a chocolate Santa! 

At this point I was getting really excited, but I needed to make a few more candies. I'll talk about those tomorrow. For today, these three items take quite awhile and are definitely the things to concentrate on first. 

Have fun glittering and foiling!


I am an affiliate with Simon Says Stamp and so the links below send you to one of those stores depending on which logo you choose.  If you wish to purchase something from either store and use one of my links below, I get a small percentage of your order, at no additional cost to youThis helps me to defray the costs of this blog, the time, the ideas and tutorials I post here. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!