Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten Cards - Prima Fairy Flora

A few weeks ago I ordered this special stamp set from Close to My Heart. All proceeds from the stamps went to the Red Cross for Japan Earthquake Victims. I also bought two more sets for two special girls as I thought it looked like something they would both like.

Then last weekend at the NSW Crop at my LSS, they had a Prima sale and there were 6x6 packs of the Fairy Flora paper. I thought it went perfectly with the stamps, and decided that it would be fun to design some simple cards with it and the stamps and then to send them a card kit for each of the cards I designed. Here they are, and I hope that when the girls get them that they enjoy making the cards as much as I did designing them!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Star Tours -- The Original!

With the Star Tours II scheduled to open on June 3, 2011, I decided it was time to get my pictures or the original scrapped. I remember when Star Tours first opened and how amazing it looked. I hear that the new and improved version will be different with each ride because they have 54 different ride sequences to choose from. Can't wait! Here is a little taste of one of them.

I used 2-page Sketch #11 from Sketch Savvy, and the paper is Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo line. I even included some of the Cogsmo blackboard shapes and die cut pieces.

Just as a little Disney trivia here -- the G2 Droid in Sector 2 (seen below) was originally one of the 4 birds in the barbershop quartet in America Sings.
They de-feathered him and stuck him in the Star Wars queue!

For old time's sake, here is a ride on the original Star Tours...you gotta love Pee Wee Herman as Rex. And when you watch the safety spiel, watch the lady's eyebrows. Hilarious!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Another bright layout from Cosmo Cricket's Snorkel line! I really love the fun, bright colors of this paper.

For this layout I used Sketch #27 from Sketch Savvy and again, stretched it into a two pager. I did take a few liberties with this sketch and didn't follow it verbatim, but it's close.

I also used this for Challenge #3 on the NSD Challenges on Disney Scrappers. You were to use rolled paper.

As you can see, I was inspired by all of the submarines on the strip tease paper from this line, and the little yellow submarine on the journaling tags. I thought it was a whimsical way to scrap our Nemo Subs pictures.

If you have ever been to Disneyland, you know that the lines for Nemo are really, really long. I took us a year to find a time when the line was short enough to ride it. The funny thing is, that it was exactly a year to the day that Nemo opened! Unfortunately, we didn't really like it. I think part of the problem was that we hadn't actually seen the movie yet, so we had no idea what was going on, or what the story line was.

If you haven't had the opportunity to ride the Nemo Subs, here is a video you might enjoy:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jumpin' Jellyfish

I saw this paper and immediately thought -- Jumpin Jellyfish!! So, I set to work on it. I was a little limited with my options because I didn't have the entire line and I had a lot of the red paper and a lot of the umbrella paper. So I tried to use it to the best of my ability. These two pages turned out pretty bright, but I like the fun, whimsical, summery feel to them, and the Jumpin Jellyfish are definitely bright!

I used Sketch #33 from Sketch Savvy for this layout and stretched it into a two page layout. As you can see, I also used the same pennants. That is because if you visit the link to Sketch Savvy, she has the SVG cut for the pennants on the same post for free! Check it out!

I used the Snorkel line of paper from Cosmo Cricket. I added a few pieces of plain cardstock for additional circles and for the title.

Of course, there is a Hidden Mickey in this ride -- so I added the close-up and a photo from outside the ride so you could see where it is located. I love Hidden Mickey's.

Here's a little video that shows the Jumpin Jellyfish in Action: