Wednesday, January 9, 2013

World's Best Hot Cocoa - Napa Rose


For the first time in a long time, I signed up for a class at my LSS.  This two page layout was designed by Nicole, one of the teachers there.  I made a few minor changes but this layout is all her.  I wanted to post it here though because it showcases a really fun time we had at Disneyland on Christmas Eve Eve.

This layout is made with MME Lost and Found paper and embellishments, Tim Holtz rosette snowflakes, and the title uses two Tim Holtz alpha dies.
I added a few little Disney touches with gold stickles.
And I added a Hidden Mickey (or maybe not so hidden on this page.)  We went to Disneyland over Christmas and on Christmas Eve Eve and went to the Napa Rose Lounge in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel to try their Signature Hot Chocolate with three donuts.
 It is a crazy $15 for this small plate of cocoa and mini donuts, but sometimes, you just have to splurge, you know?  So yes, we spent $60 on hot cocoa.  LOL!   But it was a really fun thing to do once and I totally recommend it for frequent visitors to DLR.   We are always looking for a little something different to do even though most people think we have done it all. 

Nicole is known for the layers in her designs.
 She is also known for her clusters of embellishments.  There were so many fun embellishments in this kit!

The last little touch on this layout that I loved was the "what a wonderful world" chipboard piece.  As we exited the hotel, my parent's favorite Downtown Disney performer was there, Drew Tretick.  He is an amazing violinist.  He always recognizes my parents and lets them make a request, and they always request "What a Wonderful World."  So he played it for them and it was just a lovely ending to the evening.  So I really liked that it was on there.

Here is a picture of them with Drew.  If you are ever at DTD, be sure and stop by, listen to Drew, and buy one of his CD's.