Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gaucho Goofy

 Yes, he found me again during the photography session 
and demanded to know why I wasn't taking pictures of him.
 This is his "Seriously Mom, I am waaaaaay more handsome than Goofy!" look.
This layout is for the Disney Scrappers NSD Color Challenge #9 - The Land.  This was much harder for me than I imagined.  I could not for the life of me find paper that matched all those colors. So, I had to switch the magenta for the deep red in this MME Collectible paper, specifically the Notable line.  Along with neutrals, we can add one color of our choice, so I added the teal blue color.
Then I picked Sketch #49 from the Sketch Savvy site and got started.
 In addition we were to add at least one dimensional flower, so this is my attempt to do that.  Not very dimensional, but I was at a crop and my resources were limited.
 This is blurry, but I thought I would add a pic showing how sewing adds some fun dimension to your layouts because at the crop a bunch of ladies kept coming up and asking what I was doing with my sewing machine at a crop.  Well, since I can't do a scrapbook page without it, I haul it with me to crops.  I don't take very much stuff, so including a sewing machine isn't as crazy as it sounds.  I have plenty of room in my little 4 foot area at the crops.

Donald Duck #1

This was another layout for the Disney Scrappers NSD challenges.  I went to photograph it for the blog this morning and the kitten I rescued decided he would help me.
 I think you need to fluff this ribbon right here...let me help you with it.
 "And I'm not sure about this journaling riiiiiiiiight here."

Somehow I managed to get him preoccupied and was able to get a few photos taken before he returned.  
These are just two of the many pictures I took of Donald Duck back in the Thunder Ranch Jamboree area where he is hamming it up and hogging the camera.  DD cracks me up! 
This layout was supposed to have a hidden Mickey (ok, mine aren't so hidden) and we were to follow this sketch.
 I had purchased some MME Collectible paper, specifically the Notable line, for another NSD color challenge and I had so much left over and it went so well with these pictures that I just used the rest of it on this layout.

Some Day

My mom got me a pack of Echo Park This & That Graceful awhile back and I figured it would be perfect for this layout.
I made this layout for the Disney Scrappers NSD Challenge #5 - A Sketch and a Song
 We were to use this sketch by Susan Stringfellow, and then incorporate a Disney song into the title.
 I thought the colors and feel of this paper perfectly fit Snow White's Grotto in Disneyland.
Walt had some statues commissioned from a sculptor in Italy, but when they arrived, he was a bit dismayed that Snow White was the same size as all of the dwarfs.  He put imagineer John Hench on the job and through the use of forced perspective, with Snow White at the top of the grotto and a small animal next to her, it appears that she is indeed taller than the dwarfs.  This is one of our favorite areas in the park.
 The song I used is not the one she sings in the grotto -- I wanted a different song for the title, so I used,
Some day my prince will come,
Some day we'll meet again,
and away to his castle we'll go!

If you have never been to Disneyland, here is a fairly jumpy video of it, but I liked it best of all I saw on youtube.  Kinda makes me want to make my own. You do get to see  some up close shots.

Fortune Red

I finished another one of the two page layouts from the class I am taking at my LSS.
*NOTE* - this is not my design, I just made it fit my pictures, so the basic layout is from a class and I slightly altered the photo placement and embellishments.  Otherwise, this is all Nicole from my LSS.
On one of our many trips to Disneyland, and probably on a date night trip, Mr. Diva and I stopped to check out Fortune Red in a little alcove doorway near Pieces of Eight at the exit from Pirates.  Fortune Red talks to you and tells you your forturne. So you won't forget it, he gives you a print out to take home.  He is quite partial to his map and gestures to it throughout his fortune telling.

Although this Bo Bunny Timepiece paper was mostly about family, I managed to make it fit Red.
Nicole used Tim Holtz Gears and Picture Wheel for embellishments.  For the title I used Lifestyle Crafts' Splendid alpha.  The clock hands on the picture wheel are Tim Holtz Ideaology ink tip and the center is a little brad thing from 7 Gypsies.
 I added the fortune card to this page and hope the hot pink isn't too offensive.  I also added some of the Bo Bunny stickers on this page, including the strength, guidance and support one.  I thought that was funny for this page.  Just a little of my odd humor on display as I tried to make this collection work with fortune telling pirate pictures.

Another really fun layout Nicole!  I am really enjoying this class and  not having to think about design one night a month.

Friday, May 3, 2013


 I'm taking a monthly class at my LSS and the April layout was using this Bo Bunny paper line.  It was very Happy Birthdayish and we don't really celebrate birthdays like that, but I did remember that I had some pictures from Disney's Year of Celebration, so I took the papers and embellishments from the kit and completely changed it up.
I used the sketch that Susan did for Basic Grey and had just enough paper to make it work.

This layout also fits the NSD Challenge #1 at Disney Scrappers -- to put flags on a layout.

Disney Autograph Mini Book

I made this autograph mini book as a class sample several years ago.  I used We R Memory Keepers paper, chipboard and rub ons.  I just ran across it again today and knew I hadn't posted it and thought it would be a fun thing to post.  It's still such a happy, vibrant album.

One thing to note is that I did not collect all these autographs.  I refuse to ask characters for autographs, but I had several customers with little kids who do collect them and they wanted a place to display them.  So, I researched the signatures for the characters and tried my best to copy them for my album.  That was fun!