Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas at Big Thunder Ranch

This was a kit from my last die cut class of the year and at my LSS.  It closed in December.  So, another layout that was designed by someone else and I changed up, quite a bit, to fit my pictures.

 These are pictures from a wonderful day we had my mom, sister and I, at Disneyland in 2007.  These pictures were taken back in the Big Thunder Ranch area before they opened up the Jamboree.
My sister and I met up with Mrs. Claus, who was played by my favorite Fairy Godmother on that day.
We all enjoyed posing around with the different decorations around Big Thunder Ranch.  So fun and country or ranch like.  We loved it.  This was also when they used to have reindeer in the petting zoo are but you weren't allowed to go in and pet them, just observe from outside the pen. They have since stopped having them visit the ranch as it was too stressful on the reindeer.  
I didn't notice until I was looking at the pictures, but the chipboard buttons and tag needed something, so on both pages I tied thin pieces of jute through them, but was too lazy to retake pics.

 The paper Nicole picked for this layout was the Teresa Collins Christmas line.

Autumn at Disneyland

This was a kit I purchased at a fundraiser.  I changed it up quite a bit, but the fact still remains that this was someone else's design that I built upon, so I  wanted to make that clear.

 The pictures are of Mr. Diva and I at Disneyland a couple of years ago.  They have amazing pumpkin carvers there! These were just some various fall photos I had that didn't really fit anywhere together and I wanted to use this layout.