Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Bonus!

What oh what to do with all these tags?

Tim shared some great ways to use tags in his bonus videos and I am without a doubt going to use some of those! I love to showcase my tags if I can, so I do this in several ways.

First, I hang them on the panes of an old shabby window I have hanging my wall - here are six that I completed from this class.

Then some other things I have done in the past with my tags are :
Hang them on twine and hang across my mantle  with clothes pins (12 tags of Fall by Nancy Burke)

and I have also framed some in painted Dollar Tree frames backed with sheet music or burlap:

Christmas - from various 12 Tags of Christmas years

And some I made for Valentines Day this year.  Such fun! Again, dollar store frames and thrift store shower curtain cherubs all painted and distressed.
These are three ways that I showcase my tags regularly and I change them out often.  Now I have some wonderful ideas for archiving them and saving them when I am done displaying them.

Thanks for the bonus ideas Tim!  Loved them!

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 5

Yay! Finished the techniques as much as I could with the supplies I was able to get.  The rest will have to wait until I can place an order for the things I can't get around here. One of them I literally can hardly wait to try!  Chalkboard technique.  SO perfect for my Halloween tags!!

Today we got to focus on embossing.  I love embossing!

I only got to do three of the five/six techniques due to supplies, but I love the techniques!

Here is the group shot:
  • Rusting Technique (Top)
  • Sticky Powder Glitter Technique (no supplies)
  • Sticky Powder Leafing Technique (no supplies)
  • Shabby Chic Technique
  • Tarnished Silver Technique
  • Chalkboard Technique (no supplies)
Here they are individually.  No time to put them on tags right now, so I will work on completing them for my Halloween tags 2013.

Rusting Technique -- 
Not sure how I feel about this -- I wanted it to look like a rusty old haunted candelabra but it turned out too cartoony.    I need to think about this one a little more.
I have used this very successfully on lots of things before, just didn't work on this die cut.

 Shabby Chic
I decided this was the PERFECT technique to make a tombstone for a Halloween tag and make it look like the tombstones in all the really old cemeteries back in Boston.  
The Puritans used skeleton heads on tombstones to remind people of their mortality.  
So I use a lot of skeletons in my Halloween decor.

Tarnished Silver Technique.  
Love it!  May do a bird cage too.  I need to either put a silhouette or a raven in the middle.  
Can't wait to use these on a Halloween tag too!

Thanks again Tim!  Fabulous, fabulous class.  Had an absolute ball!

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Day Four

Day Four was working with Alcohol Inks and I had a great time with these techniques but ran out of time to use them all on tags by the deadline, so I will have to post the finish products later this week.

Here is a picture of my homework

Top -Faux Patina
Tinted Tinsel
Left to Right backgrounds - Ombre, Monoprint, Faded Layers

And here are a few tags I made with two of the backgrounds.

Faded Layers background and an alcohol ink glossy background for the skull.

Ombre Background

I really like the ombre background with this stamp!! So fun and I enjoyed the stamps and die cuts too.  As you can see my spider's glossy accents haven't dried yet but I am under the gun!

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Day Three

Day Three!  Making Progress!  I keep getting side tracked by kitties, shopping at different stores trying desperately to find the few things I don't have, and the desire to finish some of these tags instead of just getting the techniques completed.  Regardless, I will press on!

Reminder: This is a paid class and I am not sharing any techniques from the class, merely my homework.  I do highly recommend taking both Creative Chemistry 101 and 102 through  Well worth the affordable tuition!

Today's class included lots of fun Distress techniques and products.  I worked on this class late into the night, so I don't have pictures of all of them in progress, some are just in the final product form.

It was getting late and I didn't get pictures of these individually before I went to bed and then I used many of them the next day.  Sorry!  
Top Row Left - Smudge Stamping
Top Row Right - Brayered Stains (tag)
Top of tags - Distress Rock Candy Glitter (spider, 31, and pumpkin)
Bottom Left Corner: Faux Cracked Glass (and bottle on right side) - not dry in pic
Cat and Raven are incomplete -- waiting for Distress Glitter
 Faux Cracked Glass pieces

 Photo Tinting with Distress Pens

Still helping with photography.  He just can't help himself.

I used this on Day One because the background is marbled Distress Paint, 
but I love the tinted photo on the front.  So funny!

Another post from another day - This was a stenciled background technique from Day 2, but it was the perfect background for this hilarious old Halloween photo.  Might be my fav!

This background is the brayered stains technique.  I love the light background and wanted to keep this tag simple.  Added some distress rock candy glittered pieces to this as well, so this showcases two techniques from today.

Smudge Stamping technique and Distress Rock Candy Glitter pieces.  
I wasn't really in to this one, but once I got it finished I love it!

Drumroll -- My favorite tag of all so far!!!

This uses the stamping through stencils technique from Day 2 background and the Faux Cracked Glass technique from today.  I filled the vial with "eyeballs" because the background is an eye chart. Totally makes me laugh!  This is going on my Display 6-paned window.  Only best get to be displayed there!

Fabulous class again Tim!  I so appreciate you doing these classes.  They are so informative and helpful.  It allows me to use all my Tim stuff and get my fingers inky!

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day Two

I had a little break in between day 1 and day 4 because I had a scrapbook class to attend and met an out of state friend at Disneyland, so I have been frantically trying to catch up.  Along with that, the additional supplies that I didn't have (hard to believe I know!) didn't come in.  My order was lost, so from here on out, there are gaps in each day.  I searched my area high and low for all of them and just couldn't find a few of them anywhere.  So I gave it my best show and here ya go!

Reminder: This class is paid and the information is not to be shared, so I will not be explaining any of the techniques, just showing the outcome.

Today's techniques were all using Tim's Stencils.  I only bought three and didn't realize how repetitive it would make my tags.  None-the-less, I really like how they turned out. I haven't used all of them as backgrounds for Halloween Tags yet. I am missing one technique for this day - the embossing with stencils on the Big Shot or Vagabond.  I don't have the right stuff to do that.

 Mixed Media

 Embossing Through Stencils

Stamping though Stencils

  Sketching with Stencils
(I added some stamping too)

 Ink Mono Print

Paint Mono Print

 Here are some ways I used a few of these 
backgrounds for my Halloween Tags.
 Using the mixed media background, I just added some of the vial die cuts.

This one you have already seen, but I wanted to put it on the day for the background too.  
This was the embossing through Stencils background.

 So fun!  This was the Ink Mono Print background.  I LOVE this one!

Many thanks again to Tim Holtz!  I really had a ball experimenting with colors and the stencils today!

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 Day One

Had a ton of fun with my friend Kim as we tried all but one of Tim's techniques using Distress Paints.  We were unable to get one product for today, so we will need to wait until we can locate Metallic Distress Paint.  Other than that we had great success!
 Even my cat got involved.  He loves Tim's stuff!

This is an online class that is paid for so I will not be sharing any techniques or tips on how to accomplish these techniques.  Both Chemistry 101 and 102 are still available to take as online classes and are VERY reasonably priced at   I highly recommend taking them.

Here are the five techniques we were able to accomplish.  I have them posted on tags down the page for better viewing. Some are completed and some aren't yet.  As you can see, I needed some tags for my Halloween decor, so I chose to use this opportunity to make tags that I can complete and use around my house.

Technique #1 - Distress Paint Marbling 

Technique #2 - Altered Crackle

 Technique #3 - Altered Surfaces

Technique #4 - Eroded Metallic
did not complete - no metallic distress paint in this town

Technique #5 - Stamping Resist

 Technique #6 - Industrial

Here are some of the completed Halloween tags 
that I will be using in my home decor for the rest of the month.

 This is the marble technique on a black tag in the background. 

This tag uses a background from another day's lesson, but it showcases two of the techniques 
from today, the altered crackle paint and the altered surfaces.

 This technique, stamp resist, was so great on its own that I really didn't want to do much to it.  
I like looking at it just the way it is. The word tag is a little morbid humor.

Of course my kitten had to get in on the action and help with the photography.  Love him!

 And the industrial technique made a great background for  what I imagined as the side of a rusted laboratory trunk holding horrible poisons and things.

Thank you Tim for another delightful and challenging class.  I so enjoyed learning about Distress Paints!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Watch your Head!

This is for a Challenge on Disney Scrappers forum.  I scrapped Chip and Dale's house in Toon Town.  It's a cute little tree house and fun for the kids to climb up and down the stairs, but there really isn't much to it.  I had a hard time finding things to take pictures of.

This layout is based on Sketch #8 from Sketch Savvy.
I used Happy Campers paper from We R Memory Keepers.  It is really cute!  And will go with several more pictures I have of other things around the parks.

 I made the acorns by cutting them out of chipboard and the wood grained papers and then adhering the paper to the chipboard and inking the edges.  I tied the twine around the tops to make a banner and then hand cut the leaves from the leaf paper and positioned them among the acorns and twine.

 My kitten had to get in on the action too!  He loves to help with all parts of scrapbooking including photo shoots.
 I made these by punching circle from some of the patterned paper and then layering then with pop dots and leaves.
 The branches are also a Tim Holtz die, the Bird Branch die without the bird.
 The title is chipboard and the blue wood grain paper cut from a Tim Holtz Alphabet die.
And that's all there is to that ladies and gentlemen.  Not much to it, but I like it, love the colors and the paper and the acorn banners are fun!