Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas 2010

That's right! It's that time again! Tim Holtz and his 12 Tags of Christmas start on December 1st and run though December 12th. Such a fun time of year. I love waiting up until 12:01 am to see the new tag for the day and then gathering up all of my supplies (I am shocked every year at how much TH stuff I have in my stash!) and I make a list of a few of the new things I want to add, and then I try and get to work.

Last year I waited and had a 12 Tags party, but we only got 4 tags mostly done and I only completed 5 more on my own, leaving me with three to still finish.

This year I just couldn't wait that long, and since I ended up with a last minute reprieve from baby sitting our nieces this weekend, I decided to jump in and get started!!

This one took about 3 1/2 hours to make...there are so many little details, but it was so worth it!

I really liked this tag because it gave me a chance to try the custom stamp pad technique that allows you to stamp in several different colors (like the ticket on tag #1) Really a terrific technique! It looks so great! Check out Tim's blog for a photo tutorial on how to make your own custom stamp pad.

Okay -- I forgot to put the moss on the bottom of the bird's feet, but I don't have any, and so I just took the pic without it. This tag had a couple of techniques. One was the Tissue Tape collage bird, colored with alcohol ink, and the other was the Tissue Tape flower. Tim made videos on his blog showing how to do each technique, so be sure to check it out!

Tag #4 wasn't too terribly difficult, but I had a hard time getting the blue I wanted. I didn't like the bright blue on the facet on Tim's tag, so I ended up reinking it several times. I finally ended up using Slate (grey) and Stonewashed (blue) to get this somewhat darker greyish blue color. I'm 90% happy with it. The bling on the tag was a tiny bit tedious because I didn't have the bling on a roll, but I love the end result.

Tag #5
(click the title to see Tim's Tag)

I haven't done this tag yet. I skipped it, but will get it done.

This tag Tim introduced a really cool technique that includes stamping on an embossing folder before you run the tag through it. I loved it! We also embossed the grunge board deer. This wasn't too terribly complicated, BUT we couldn't find the tiny green garland anywhere that he put around the deer's neck. Only one site that was selling it in 60 yard increments for $9.97. I thought that was a little excessive being that I only needed like 2 inches. So I messaged Mario and so must a lot of other people, because two days later he opened and etsy shop and sold kits with cool Christmas minis it, so my friend and I bought three! Woo hoo!

And this is a fun little tag I made using the techniques from Tag #5 and Tag #6. I used the stamping on an embossing folder technique, and the bling embellishing technique. I love it! I made several of this tag as it is the only one I will probably give away to people.

This one was really time consuming, but it is so beautiful in real life. You can see the sparkle of the rock candy stickles and the texture of the canvas poinsettia, So many steps that it took about 4 hours to make, but I made two because I figured that if I was going to go to all the work for one, I might as well do two since I didn't figure I would get it all out and do it again any time soon.

Tag #8
(click title to see Tim's Tag)

I haven't done this tag yet. I skipped it, but will get it done. To be honest, I don't like it. I like the technique, but don't like the tag, so I'm going to change it up and needed some time to figure out how I'm going to do that.

This one was really fun and so full of vintage golden goodness that I skipped several days and went straight to this one! The baubles at the top are some old earrings I had. The rest of the stuff is from Tim's Ideaology line. Not too difficult and such a pretty result. Definitely one of my favorites.

Again, I skipped ahead to try this technique before I go back and do #5 and #8. This is a thick tag. The snowman has two layers of grungeboard and then there is an embossed acetate tag covering the whole thing. Although time consuming, it really wasn't difficult and I love the dimension of the embossed plastic covering. I used snaps in the corners instead of washers and brads. I thought they were fun.

Tag #11
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This is today's tag, so I haven't even started it yet. I do want to try making my own stamps though. Should be fun. I want to go through my dictionary now and see if I can find any cool Christmasy pictures to use as the background on my tag. Can't believe he found one with a sleigh!

Tag #12
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Tonight is the finale! Wonder what the last tag will bring? I am hoping it will be a tutorial on how to make the "Mold n Pour" molds and shapes. I've seen Mario making those for the classes and I want to make some too!!