Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Candy Cauldron Part 2 - Rusty Crusty Cauldron

This is the second installment regarding how to make this project. If you have completed the steps from the first tutorial, Raised Die Cut Technique, then you have the pieces of the tag and box painted and decorated.  You will need to make a bunch of candy using the Sweet Treats dies from Tim Holtz and Sizzix. Once the candies are a cut and assembled, you need a cool cauldron to hold it. That's where this tutorial comes in.
The cauldron is a Bigz die from Tim Holtz and Sizzix, so that means it is a steel rule die and it can be cut with thicker material such as chipboard. I cut this one from black chipboard.
Then I pounced a bunch of Grit Paste on the cauldron and handle with my finger. This takes some patience to get it pounced on it a nice layer.
 Not too much, but enough so that it looks rough and bumpy all over. Let it dry.
Then paint the piece with Black Soot Distress Paint.
Once that is dry use a Rusty Hinge Distress Crayon and run it across some of the raised, rough areas.
Very, very lightly rub it in just enough so that it doesn't look like you ran a crayon across the surface, but not so much that it smoothes in.
You want it to stay on the surface so that it looks like a rusty cast-iron cauldron.
You can use this cast-iron technique on many different surfaces. But don't get stuck with the idea that it  only has to be cast-iron. If you use a different die and different colors of paint and Distress Crayon, it can be a mossy terra cotta pot, or a rusty, crusty piece of hardware, or a crumbling piece of rock or brick work....let your imagination dream up whatever you want.

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ann barnes said...

This technique just made its way into my “book” I am going to be putting it to the test very soon! Tami, thanks so very much for always sharing these wonderful ideas and the secrets to making the wonderful finishes, you are so talented. xx

sarascloset said...

Tami, I just love this project! I'm so happy you shared your technique with us! I'm a rust fanatic, and am always looking for another way to give the look of rust to my projects. This turned out perfectly on your cauldron, and I'll be using it on some hardware heads today. I already coated them with Grit Paste and had the black soot paint out, but from there I was thinking 'what next'? Thank you for filling in the blanks! Hugs!