Thursday, April 8, 2021

Beatrix Potter Travel Folio

This is an Idea-ology Travel Folio that I made using some of the new and existing Tim Holtz Idea-ology products. It is based on the life of Beatrix Potter. I've learned a little bit about her over the years and when I was looking at some of the new Idea-ology, I thought that many items would be perfect for a little tribute project.

Before I start, if you are interested in seeing a video walkthrough of this folio you can view it here: 
For the cover I used a Lace Baseboard Frame. Underneath I added a piece of one of the new Backdrops papers. The butterfly adornment and hardware heads below were both colored by brushing some Distress Collage Medium on the metal and then adding some Distress Embossing Glaze in Kitsch Flamingo.
This paper was a dark beige and I wanted to watercolor the floral bit on the piece. I could have used Distress Inks but seeing as I had been coloring some of the new Engraved Layers with Distress Crayons, I just used that to color the flowers on the paper.
I think the Distress Crayons did a lovely job of adding a bit of vintage color to the paper.
Across the bottom and right side of the frame I added flowers and greenery from the Engraved Layers. These I colored with Distress Crayons.
I cut apart this leaf and put bits on both sides of the poppy to fill in the bottom of the frame.
The Travel Folio is already covered so I just needed to add bits of paper and Ephemera. On the inside of the cover I made a pocket with a piece of Field Notes Ephemera, added a Salvaged Tag, and some Field Notes Ephemera.
On the top inside flap I added more Field Notes Ephemera and Snippets.
And the same on the bottom flap, more Field Notes Ephemera and Snippets.
On the first flap inside the folio I made a little booklet from the cover of the journal that comes in the back of the folio.
I cut the cover the the journal to be 6", then added some Field Notes Ephemera and Snippets, along with this piece of Backdrops paper to the booklet. I also added the large woman from the Engraved Layers.
Inside the little booklet I added a salvage tag, some journaling, and Field Notes Ephemera and Snippets. 
I wanted to add this magnifying glass from the Engraved Layers to this piece of Fields Notes Ephemera. 
I think it's a fun element. 
I began by coloring it blue with some Tumbled Glass Distress Crayon.
Then I added it to the mushroom piece right where the little mushroom snippet was on the ephemera.
Then I added the Type Chips on the right side, I folded them in half so the lower case would show on the other side.
Here you can see the fungi lowercase showing on the back side. 
This next page has two elements.
This Collectors Layer postcard is supposed to represent the Lake District that Beatrix so loved, In fact, she loved it so much that eventually she purchased thousands of acres to eventually deed back to the National Trust.
Behind the postcard I added some pieces of Backdrop paper and more Field Notes Ephemera and Engraved Layers.
I tried to represent her artistic side and her fascination with nature on this page.
These Clippings Stickers helped to tell Beatrix's story so well.
I altered these paint tubes by coloring them with Distress Crayons and then adding numbers and images from the Specimen Remnant Rubs. 
I love this Engraved Layers Hydrangea and added more Clippings Stickers to continue Beatrix's story.
I knew the back of the hydrangea was going to show, so I used the Ledger and Script stamp from Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous. It is one of my most used stamps. I stamped some script on the back of the piece in Distress Archival Vintage Photo and then inked it with a little Distress Walnut Stain.
The back of the Postcard and the Salvaged Tag needed some bits on the back so I added some Backdrops paper on the postcard with a Field Notes Ephemera rose.
The back of the Salvaged Tag got a Quote Tile, Hardware Heads, and more Field Notes Ephemera roses.
Here I added some Stencil Chips and some Collectors and Engraved Layers.
I backed the Stencil Chips with mushroom paper from Backdrops, then added some Grit Paste and Distress Crayons to make them look aged. The Tiny Clip was colored with a bit of Broken China Distress Paint.
You can see there is some Fabric Tape along the side, holding on the Collectors Layer, to which ?I added the Clippings Stickers and the teacup Engraved Layer.
On that back of the Stencil Chips and  alpha Layer, I added more Field Notes Ephemera, another Collectors Layer, and a butterfly Engraved Layer.
If you look closely, you will see a piece of this same Backdrop paper that I used on the cover. I watercolored this and added just a bit behind the Stencil Chips.
On the next page I put a strip of this lovely Backdrop paper, a Salvage Tag and two Engraved layers with some Clippings Stickers.
The Salvaged Tag is backed by this Ranger Kraft tag.
I stamped more of the Leger and Script stamps on the tag, added some Backdrops map paper on the flap and the tag. Then added a ticket from Ticketbook. The trunk Engraved Layer is supposed to represent the many times Beatrix traveled to her farm in Sawrey.
On the signatures Collectors Layer, I added this large man and pen nib Engraved Layers to represent Beatrix Potter's lawyer and eventual husband, William Heelis.
A Heart Adornment and Clippings Stickers tell the story of him falling in love with Beatrix.
The back side of the signature Layer I used this pocket to put a few things that I felt told part of the story of Beatrix's life.
On the pocket I added the book, a bit of writing and a type writer to represent her life as a storyteller.
This typewriter is part of the Engraved Layers. I pulled this bit of a Snippet and cut it down.
Then using the extended blade, I made a cut on the typewriter so I could slip the typing into the typewriter.
In the pocket, I put some butterflies and the Engraved Layer butterfly as well was a tag.
On the front of the tag is an Engraved Layer mushroom and a Field Notes Snippet.
On the back, I added some details about Beatrix's life.
This flap is to represent the marriage of Beatrix and William.
I colored these small Engraved Layers to represent Beatrix and William.
The Engraved Layers are adhered to a piece of Worn Wallpaper, then covered with a piece of Mica and the 3D Flowered Frames from Sizzix.
This lovely piece of Quote Flair on the Field Notes Butterfly is a favorite little bit.
The bottom frame is done the same as the one on top.
This booklet at the back was made using the journal that was longer and thinner. I made a cover out of Backdrop paper, I used a piece of Field Notes Ephemera.
The inside of the journal I cut down to 6" to fit in the new, smaller cover I made.
Here you can see that I cut the journal down to fit inside the new cover I made.
I sewed the signatures together.
Then I added Distress Collage Medium to the inside binding of the cover.
Here you can see the signatures glued into the new cover.
I didn't do anything too artistic in the journal, just put Beatrix Potter quotes and Field Notes Snippets and Ephemera.

Thank you so much for getting through this very long post. I felt it was important to keep all of these photos together instead of break this apart. I hope there is something in here that gives you an idea, a direction or some inspiration for making your own Travel Folio to document a trip, a memory or a person's life. 

Thank you so much for your support!

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HirschEngelchen said...

Dear Tami,
your folio is so impressive and a work of art, especially with that background story! I wonder, how long it took you to finalize it? Thank you so much for providing us always with inspiration!
Hugs from Germany
Anka, a.k.a. HirschEngelchen

Mary said...

Your folio is beautiful! I love Beatrice Potter, she was so interesting, I have only just opened the door to papercrafting, I only hope someday to be able to do something like this! Thank you for posting,

KGBaird said...

I am absolutely loving your You Tube videos!! I would comment there, but the comments are turned off. Your Beatrix Potter folio is simply incredible! I learned so much watching your video, and enjoyed every minute of it. Your work has always inspired me, and I’m so happy to have a more in-depth and personal view of your makes and thought processes. Thank you!! I can’t wait for the next one. Hugs from Katie in KY.

Mischelle Smith said...

Amazing! I adore all the little goodies you made. The photos offer such good instruction. This is a keeper.
Thank you for sharing your amazing project!

Paula Cheney said...

This is the most beautiful book Tami! Every page and layer is stunning! My personal favorites are the portraits and the bird with the nest! I know this was a labor of love because it shows in every detail!!

It’sallintheperspective said...

Oooooooh, what a wonderful little folio memorializing Beatrix Potter! It is very sweet & understated just like Beatrix Potter herself. My very first book given to me by my parents as a young child was Squirrel Nutkin! It saw a lot of use (love!) & is kind of falling apart. My own children do not yet have their own children, but I’ve already been “squirreling” away the books for my grandchildren. It would be so nice to give them a little journal similar to yours to go along with the first book! I just recently discovered these kind of journals on YouTube, & I have never held one, but I think yours is the one I’d like to try replicating! Thank you for sharing it with us & thank you for giving such precise directions! Please continue to make such special projects!

Sarah said...

So I realize that I am two years behind here, but I just found this on Pinterest and I am absolutely blown away by the beauty of this! The carefully chosen papers and the beautiful BP quotes just priceless. Peter Rabbit was one of my favorite books when I was a child. It was so lovely to read about this extraordinary woman who wrote the books!