Monday, February 20, 2017

Creativiation Samples 2017 Part 5

This sample card used several stamp sets but I love the way it turned out. First I had to make the background, which included several steps.
Using Distress Specialty Stamping Paper, I inked up the Vines and Roses CMS298 stamps in Spun Sugar, Tumbled Glass, and Shabby Shutters. Stamp o to the paper and dry, then use a blending tool with the same color and lightly blend in the background.
Next I inked the various background stamps from Victorian CMS 300 and Etcetera CMS302 with Pumice Stone and stamped the text portions all over the floral backgrounds.
Once I had three backgrounds completed, I cut them up into 1" squares. You could also use a square punch. Then adhered them to a plain piece of Distress Specialty Stamping paper with a Ranger Collage Glue Stick.
Once all the squares are adhered, see diagonally across them in both directions and then around the outside edge.

To finish the card, stamp a butterfly from the Flutter CMS294 set in Hickory Smoke Archival Ink. Water color it in the same three colors as the background, then cut it out.  Lightly color a small piece of Distress Specialty Stamping Paper with Hickory Smoke and Pumice Stone Distress Inks. Then stamp on it with text stamps from the Etcetera and Victorian stamp sets. Cut out a shape from the Labels 660060 Sizzix Alterations die set.

Color some Ideaology Crinkle Ribbon, tie in a poofy bow, and add a Typed Token.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Creativation 2017 Samples - Part 4

First an apology- my desktop computer is being completely uncooperative and freezing up so I am unable to post from it and am forced to post from my phone. Therefore I'm going to have to keep it simple and let the pictures do the talking. There also will only be limited links until I can get my computer fixed and go back to link to items. 

Continuing with my samples for Creativation CHA 2017, I made this card with Flower Jars CMS297
I started with these supplies.
Put some Pumice Stone, Hickory Smoke, and a tiny bit of Vintage Photo onto a craft mat and spritz with water until it beads.

Wipe the Distress Mixed Media Heavystock through the ink. Dry. Add more of the Ink. Dry. Build up layers of color.

When  that step is complete it will look something like this.
Using the Distress Sprayer, spritz large droplets of water onto the background and dry.

You can see how this adds a layer of lighters spots to the background.

Put some Ground Espresso Distress Ink onto the Craft Mat and spray with water. Load the Distress Splatter brush with the into and splatter it across the background.
Use the stone stamp from the Slate & StoneCMS jj

Stamp the stone in Ground Espresso Archival Ink. I added one more step here. I covered the background with a layer of Distress Collage Medium Matte. Do this quickly so you preserve the background details.

Once the background was completed I stamped the flower jars and flowers onto the corner using Dround Espresso Archival Ink. Let it dry. Scribble a few colors of Distress Crayon and water brush and color in the jars and flowers. I used the Crayons because I wanted them to be opaque and not see through like Distress Inks. 

The last two things I added were the Mini Motivations  quote and I die cute a tag from Distress Heavystock and then stamped the wood grain from the Birch and Pine Stamp set. 

Again I apologize for the horrible state of this blog post. I've tried the computer, iPad and my phone and all three are fighting me, so it's a small miracle that I even got this much posted. :-D 
Thank you so much for sticking with me if you got this far! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Creativation 2017 Samples Part 3

Today I'm going to feature the two cards I made using the Hipster CMS288 stamp set. It is shipping now so you can get a set of these fun stamps right away.

I chose to use the cat first because I have two male orange tabby cats who look at me like this pretty much everyday. One of them is trying his mind meld powers to get me to feed him all the time and the other is giving me his look of absolute disapproval that I decided to bring all these other kitties into HIS home. But they are both totally hip cats.
I couldn't do this post without showing them to you. Such handsome devils. This is James Otis (named after my favorite American Revolutionary - look him up, he was revolutionary before revolutionary was cool!) who was called The Patriot by Samuel Adams, so I call him Patriot too. He was my first cat and is the one who owns the house and is annoyed by all the other cats. This is him demanding attention by laying on my work space in my studio.
This is X Atencio (named after my favorite Disney imagineer, Xavier "X" Atencio. You should look him up too. You'll be surprised at what an important role he has played in your Disney memories!) He is the one who is always starving. Always. He is almost 15 pounds of Maine Coon mix cat and he just wants to eat.all.the.time. As I'm typing this he's meowing and rubbing against my legs wanting dinner.
Ok, enough about two of the loves of my life and on to creating, right?!?  I wanted the cat to look like he was standing in an alley, you know, like O'Malley the alley cat from Disney's Aristocats - another reason why I colored him orange.

The alley required some Distress Grit Paste, Palette Knife Set, and the Slate Layering Stencil.  While I was at it, I decided that I would make several backgrounds from the Slate and Stone Layering Stencils so that I only had to do it once. I wanted to let it dry naturally so I didn't want to have to keep waiting on drying time if I messed up.
You use the palette knives to scraped the grit paste over the stencil and then lift up. I did some with  part on the sides and also a few that were solid. Don't dry this with a heat tool or it will puff. I didn't want a puffy wall, I wanted a gritty wall. Isn't that some fabulous texture?
When it is dry you can do two things. You can seal it with Distress Collage Medium, or you can leave it as is.  I did both and will show you the difference between the two.
Collect some Distress Crayons in colors you want to use to make brick, or stone, or slate. Remember that often these surfaces get dirty or moldy and so you should include brown, black and green in your choices.
For the background in the alley, I scribbled some Walnut Stain, Candied Apple, and Black Soot directly onto the grit paste.
Then I used my fingers to rub the crayons into the grit paste.
Then I spritzed my fingers with water and continued to rub the crayons into the grit paste.
Let it dry between layers and then keep adding layers of the color and wetting your fingers until you get the color and look you want.  The beauty of the Distress Crayons is that if you hate it, just spritz it with water and most of the color with come off. Enough that you can start over and build up color again.
This is the brick wall I did with the Distress Collage Medium over the Grit Paste. See how the area in the center is very light and you can see the brush strokes because the Collage Medium seals the paper and grit paste.  It does make the dry crayons move much easier over the surface and you need very little water to get the colors to mix.
This is the piece that was left from the card I made. It is unsealed and notice how there is no sheen to it, it is very matte, and the paper in the center is a grey/brown color because it wasn't sealed. 
If you want the same stencil to look like Slate or the Stone background, you will probably want to go with more of a grey color scheme. I only did little bits of green and brown in spots and Pumice Stone, Hickory Smoke and Frayed Burlap for the bulk of the stone color.
Same thing, I rubbed it in with my finger tips.  Just a note here, I would refrain from doing this too many times in one sitting.  Grit paste is truly gritty and you will rub your fingertips raw, or at least very, very sore. LOL!
With the stone backgrounds, you don't need to spritz very much water on your fingers when you are blending the crayons.
You will have some white spots showing through and you might like that but I wanted my stone/slate walls to be darker, so I scribbled some Black Soot Crayon on my Craft Sheet and used a Water Brush to brush in in the crevices to cover the white spots and then blended it in with my finger.
See, much better! You just need to play with the colors until you get the look you want. This is what the crayons look like on unsealed grit paste.
This is what the crayons look like on grit paste that has been sealed with Distress Collage Medium. It's definitely a different look. I like both for different purposes. You may recognize this from my Tell Your Story fish over the mantle card.  I'll be posting that card later and will link it back here.
This is another example from yesterday's post of the Stone stencil with grit paste that had been sealed.  Notice again the brush strokes in the center area where the sky is showing through, and how the light colors show through between the stones on both this sample and the one above.

Hipster Card #2 is a completely different look. I loved this hip ostrich.  I thought she looked like she would be a sweet, sassy grandma. 

The background was very simple. I inked the Roses stamp from the Vines and Roses CMS298  set with Shaded Lilac Distress Ink, lightly spritzed it with water and then stamped it onto Distressed Mixed Media Heavystock, then I lightly blended the background with the same color ink, and edged it even darker with the same color.
I stamped her in Ground Espresso Archival Ink, then watercolored the image with Distress Markers. I added two flowers from the Flower Jars set and detail cut them out before I added them to her hat and shoulder.  
I could see this as a really fun Red Hat Society card or invitation but I didn't think of that until after I had made the card. To make the background, I covered the image with Distress Microglaze and then lightly colored the whole background with the large watercolor brush in Picked Raspberry.

There you have it. Two totally different Hipster cards. Such a fun set, I'm looking forward to playing with it a little more soon!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Creativation 2017 Card Samples Part 2

Tim Holtz and Stampers Anonymous are releasing Tim's stamps in three sets.  The stamps that are currently shipping in January are:
Motivation1, 2, 3
Mini Motivation
So with that in mind, I decided to do a quick post today with the Motivation stamps and Brush Strokes. Then I'll do my Hipster cards tomorrow with a photo tutorial.

This first card is very simple and doesn't need a photo tutorial. Choose 5 Distress Ink Colors in the same family. I chose 5 in the purple family. Pick one of the linear Brushstrokes CMS293 stamps, ink it up, spritz with water and stamp it on a piece of Distress Watercolor Cardstock. Repeat with the other 4 colors and your background is complete. The Motivation I CMS289 sentiment was colored with purple Distress Markers, then I breathed on it to reactivate the inks and stamped it on a piece of Distress Watercolor Cardstock.  I really like the way the lettering isn't solid on the sentiment so it looks worn and distressed.  To finish it off I added some Mirrored Stars.

 This second card I'm not going to do a tutorial on the textured background because I will do that with tomorrow's Hipster cards. I'll just say that I used the large Stone THS086 Layering Stencil, Grit Paste, and Distress Crayons to color it.
For the sentiment from Motivation 2 CMS290, I stamped the Pine background from the Birch and Pine  CMS280 onto a piece of Distress Multi Media Cardstock in Ground Espresso Distress Ink and colored in the background lightly with a blending tool and various brown Distress Inks.
On top of the background, I stamped the motivation using my Misti (I don't have one of these Tim Holtz Stamp Platforms yet!) and inked up the words with the Distress Ink colors I wanted and I inked stamped and inked until each word stood out nicely.
 Well, I love Disneyland! I'm a California girl born and raised and Disneyland is one of my favorite places to visit. Thankfully I live in Southern California so I have an annual pass and have the pleasure of visiting often. In fact, I'm actually a scrapbooker at heart and love scrapping my Disney memories. That being said, I don't like to use Disney papers and embellishments to scrap my photos. I tend to see Disney in just about everything and prefer using the unexpected for my Disney pages.

All that to say, when I saw this Mini Motivation CMS292 sentiment, the two circle Brushstrokes CMS293, and the Scribbles and Spirals CMS296 I knew this card had to be made. I couldn't NOT make this card! 
I began by rolling Candied Apple Distress Paint onto the large circular brushstroke stamp with a brayer, then stamping it in the middle of a piece of Distress Specialty Stamping Paper with the bottom edge bleeding off the paper. Then repeat twice with the small circular brushstroke. Stamp the smaller circles on each side of the large one to for a classic Mickey shape. While the paint is drying, clean your brayer and stamps immediately. I just use water and a Rub-it Scrub-it pad from Ranger. It gets down into all the crevices and cleans the paint out of the stamp nicely.

Once the paint is dry, ink up the Scribbles stamp with Mustard Seed Distress Ink and stamp it over the whole background.  (I used the Spiral Stamp in this picture, but the Scribbles stamp on the actual card.) Once it is dry, lightly color in the rest of the background with a blending tool and the Mustard Seed Distress Ink

Using a slightly dampened paper towel or tea towel, wipe any ink off of the stamped painted image.
To make the black band, I took a piece of Distress Specialty Stamping Paper and placed it under the small scribbles layering stencil from the Mini Stencils 24 MTS024. Then I inked over it with Black Soot Distress Ink.

I stamped the Mini Motivation on a piece of Distress Specialty Stamping Paper with Black Soot Distress Ink. I added four Star Fasteners in the corners of the card to complete it.

The last card was inspired by seeing my Distress DIY Custom Ink Pad sitting in my ink storage case. I thought it went perfectly with this quote from the Motivation 3 CMS291
I began by using the same ink colors I had used on my ink pad, Wild Honey, Abandoned Coral, Festive Berries, and randomly inking up the Spirals stamp from Scribbles and Spirals CMS296.
Then I spritzed it with water and stamped it on a piece of Distress Watercolor Cardstock. 
Using a blending tool, I blended the same colors into the back ground.
Then I sprinkled it with water drops using my Distress Sprayer and dried it.
I got out another piece of Distress Watercolor Cardstock and using a Blending Tool I colored it with Festive Berries. You want it to be fairly saturated, but not as saturated as it would be with Distress Stain. 
 Then using the large Heartstruck THS073 Layering Stencil, I spritzed the back with plain water using my Distress Sprayer and laid it directly on the paper. I pressed down on it with a dry tea towel, then picked up the stencil and let the water do its work. 
After waiting several seconds or so, I blotted the water off with my dry tea towel and then dried it with a heat tool.

To get the stamped image in varied colors like this you first have to make a Distress DIY Custom Ink Pad. Tim has this fantastic tutorial on how to make one.  Once you have your own Distress DIY Custom Ink Pad made, you ink up your stamp. Because these stamps are larger than the ink pad, you have to think before you ink.  First you ink one end of the stamp, then turn your ink pad 180 degrees and you ink the other end of the stamp. That way the same color is in the middle each time you are inking. See how on my image the Wild Honey is on the top and bottom and then is blends into the Abandoned Coral and then Festive Berries in the center.

To complete my card, I colored some Mirrored Hearts with Butterscotch Alcohol Ink.

Although each card had several steps to it, they were all very simple to make and went together fairly quickly.