Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 Day One

Had a ton of fun with my friend Kim as we tried all but one of Tim's techniques using Distress Paints.  We were unable to get one product for today, so we will need to wait until we can locate Metallic Distress Paint.  Other than that we had great success!
 Even my cat got involved.  He loves Tim's stuff!

This is an online class that is paid for so I will not be sharing any techniques or tips on how to accomplish these techniques.  Both Chemistry 101 and 102 are still available to take as online classes and are VERY reasonably priced at   I highly recommend taking them.

Here are the five techniques we were able to accomplish.  I have them posted on tags down the page for better viewing. Some are completed and some aren't yet.  As you can see, I needed some tags for my Halloween decor, so I chose to use this opportunity to make tags that I can complete and use around my house.

Technique #1 - Distress Paint Marbling 

Technique #2 - Altered Crackle

 Technique #3 - Altered Surfaces

Technique #4 - Eroded Metallic
did not complete - no metallic distress paint in this town

Technique #5 - Stamping Resist

 Technique #6 - Industrial

Here are some of the completed Halloween tags 
that I will be using in my home decor for the rest of the month.

 This is the marble technique on a black tag in the background. 

This tag uses a background from another day's lesson, but it showcases two of the techniques 
from today, the altered crackle paint and the altered surfaces.

 This technique, stamp resist, was so great on its own that I really didn't want to do much to it.  
I like looking at it just the way it is. The word tag is a little morbid humor.

Of course my kitten had to get in on the action and help with the photography.  Love him!

 And the industrial technique made a great background for  what I imagined as the side of a rusted laboratory trunk holding horrible poisons and things.

Thank you Tim for another delightful and challenging class.  I so enjoyed learning about Distress Paints!

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blupixy said...

These tags are awesome! Love the industrial one the most, I think. Thanks for sharing!