Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Bonus!

What oh what to do with all these tags?

Tim shared some great ways to use tags in his bonus videos and I am without a doubt going to use some of those! I love to showcase my tags if I can, so I do this in several ways.

First, I hang them on the panes of an old shabby window I have hanging my wall - here are six that I completed from this class.

Then some other things I have done in the past with my tags are :
Hang them on twine and hang across my mantle  with clothes pins (12 tags of Fall by Nancy Burke)

and I have also framed some in painted Dollar Tree frames backed with sheet music or burlap:

Christmas - from various 12 Tags of Christmas years

And some I made for Valentines Day this year.  Such fun! Again, dollar store frames and thrift store shower curtain cherubs all painted and distressed.
These are three ways that I showcase my tags regularly and I change them out often.  Now I have some wonderful ideas for archiving them and saving them when I am done displaying them.

Thanks for the bonus ideas Tim!  Loved them!

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