Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Day Three

Day Three!  Making Progress!  I keep getting side tracked by kitties, shopping at different stores trying desperately to find the few things I don't have, and the desire to finish some of these tags instead of just getting the techniques completed.  Regardless, I will press on!

Reminder: This is a paid class and I am not sharing any techniques from the class, merely my homework.  I do highly recommend taking both Creative Chemistry 101 and 102 through  Well worth the affordable tuition!

Today's class included lots of fun Distress techniques and products.  I worked on this class late into the night, so I don't have pictures of all of them in progress, some are just in the final product form.

It was getting late and I didn't get pictures of these individually before I went to bed and then I used many of them the next day.  Sorry!  
Top Row Left - Smudge Stamping
Top Row Right - Brayered Stains (tag)
Top of tags - Distress Rock Candy Glitter (spider, 31, and pumpkin)
Bottom Left Corner: Faux Cracked Glass (and bottle on right side) - not dry in pic
Cat and Raven are incomplete -- waiting for Distress Glitter
 Faux Cracked Glass pieces

 Photo Tinting with Distress Pens

Still helping with photography.  He just can't help himself.

I used this on Day One because the background is marbled Distress Paint, 
but I love the tinted photo on the front.  So funny!

Another post from another day - This was a stenciled background technique from Day 2, but it was the perfect background for this hilarious old Halloween photo.  Might be my fav!

This background is the brayered stains technique.  I love the light background and wanted to keep this tag simple.  Added some distress rock candy glittered pieces to this as well, so this showcases two techniques from today.

Smudge Stamping technique and Distress Rock Candy Glitter pieces.  
I wasn't really in to this one, but once I got it finished I love it!

Drumroll -- My favorite tag of all so far!!!

This uses the stamping through stencils technique from Day 2 background and the Faux Cracked Glass technique from today.  I filled the vial with "eyeballs" because the background is an eye chart. Totally makes me laugh!  This is going on my Display 6-paned window.  Only best get to be displayed there!

Fabulous class again Tim!  I so appreciate you doing these classes.  They are so informative and helpful.  It allows me to use all my Tim stuff and get my fingers inky!

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