Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 5

Yay! Finished the techniques as much as I could with the supplies I was able to get.  The rest will have to wait until I can place an order for the things I can't get around here. One of them I literally can hardly wait to try!  Chalkboard technique.  SO perfect for my Halloween tags!!

Today we got to focus on embossing.  I love embossing!

I only got to do three of the five/six techniques due to supplies, but I love the techniques!

Here is the group shot:
  • Rusting Technique (Top)
  • Sticky Powder Glitter Technique (no supplies)
  • Sticky Powder Leafing Technique (no supplies)
  • Shabby Chic Technique
  • Tarnished Silver Technique
  • Chalkboard Technique (no supplies)
Here they are individually.  No time to put them on tags right now, so I will work on completing them for my Halloween tags 2013.

Rusting Technique -- 
Not sure how I feel about this -- I wanted it to look like a rusty old haunted candelabra but it turned out too cartoony.    I need to think about this one a little more.
I have used this very successfully on lots of things before, just didn't work on this die cut.

 Shabby Chic
I decided this was the PERFECT technique to make a tombstone for a Halloween tag and make it look like the tombstones in all the really old cemeteries back in Boston.  
The Puritans used skeleton heads on tombstones to remind people of their mortality.  
So I use a lot of skeletons in my Halloween decor.

Tarnished Silver Technique.  
Love it!  May do a bird cage too.  I need to either put a silhouette or a raven in the middle.  
Can't wait to use these on a Halloween tag too!

Thanks again Tim!  Fabulous, fabulous class.  Had an absolute ball!

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