Friday, May 25, 2012

You Got Me a Rock?

I did this layout for the Disney Scrappers Challenge #10 - Did you Know? Disney Trivia.  I decided to make a layout focused on something that has been in the park since at least 1957, but is usually overlooked.
In the summer of 1956, on a trip through Colorado, Walt stopped off at a tourist trap called Pike's Petrified Forest.  He found this petrified stump there, purchased it and had the owner dig it out, pack it up and bring it out to Disneyland.  There are a couple of versions of this story, one says Walt had it delivered to their Holmby Hills home only to have Lillian donate it to the park a year later.  But a letter from Walt to the owner indicates that he did have it delivered directly to Disneyland.  Perhaps it took a year for the actual spot to be prepared, and the tree to be delivered before they could dedicate it.
 It is rumored that Walt joked with Lillian when he got back in the car and told her that he had just bought her a petrified tree for their upcoming 31st anniversary.   Whether he really did that or not, he certainly did give her credit for donating the tree to Disneyland. I kind of took some liberties with the title, but I can imagine Lillian saying something like this to Walt.  I'm sure she had a great sense of humor! 
 I used Sketch #87 from Sketch Savvy for this layout.

 See, even in this picture from the Disney Parks blog they look like they know 
it's a big joke between them!  That's why I had to put it on my layout!
 The papers I used were Close to My Heart - Roxie Paper Pack

If you would like to see the letter from Walt and some other pictures of this tree, check out one of my favorite Disneyland sites, Daveland


Susan Stringfellow said...

omgosh! I have to totally copy this layout. I have photos of it too but mine aren't as good. Now I want one of me standing there where Walt was. wow. Great page, Tami!!!

Madeline said...

What a great page! Love the title, photos, story and design! And as a plaid fanatic, the plaid on there!

blupixy said...

Those flowers are amazing! Love the title and the photo of Walt and Lillian. Love the story! Thanks for sharing!