Saturday, October 25, 2014

Family Layout and Mini Book

That's it for the design team Halloween projects.  I was also given some pieces from the Legacy collection by Simple Stories.

This layout is an old photo of my dad's family.  I'm not sure how old, but I can say probably about 30 years old.  The pictures are in my grandparent's front yard and Grandma is in the top center photograph.  My dad is in the blue shirt and the others are his siblings.
This layout was based on a layout from Creatively Savvy.

Most of the lines from Simple Stores have lots of journaling cards and pieces for pocket scrapbooking.  While I have the utmost respect for those who can do pocket scrapbooking and keep up with it, it isn't the kind of scrapbooking I do. So I used many of the backgrounds and odds and ends from some of the little cards to make my layout.

 This is a sticker from the collection, I made two flags from bits of the journaling squares, and the wooden hearts are from Studio Calico.
 The title is cut from one of the journaling squares. I used one of the left over pieces to make one of the flags above. Again, the wooden hearts are from Studio Calico.
I like this background paper. It has games, handwritten ledgers, and the cookbook label on it.  I picked that portion because Grandma always loved to play games, especially Yahtzee and Parchesi.  She was a great cook. I got many of her recipes. As the lunch lady at the elementary school, (back when they actually used to cook the food) she had to keep ledgers upon ledgers.  I remember watching her work on the books everyday after school.  She had very neat writing and she was very methodical about it.

I also made a mini book out of #8 tags. I used Tim Holtz stencils and Ruler Binding to make the book and then just added a bunch of the little bits and pieces I had left from this paper.
This is a picture of the cover and a few of the pages.

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