Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Banner - Getting Caught Up Part 2

January and February proved to be just as busy for me, but as the foster kitties got adopted one by one, my life was slowly getting back to normal.  Of course there was CHA in the middle there but I decided to plan a Valentine's Day Decor piece to teach at my LSS as a quick and easy Friday night craft.
I has a lot of fun designing this piece. The main piece was the Tim Holtz Heartfelt die.  I added a couple of other die cuts to it. The base die is from Sizzix and it is by Lori Whitlock.  It is urrently one of my FAVORITE dies.  I'm using it on everything! Scrapbook pages, mini books decor pieces....I want more big dies like this one, please SIZZIX!  Please make more big affordable dies like this!
 I found these Christmas baubles in the  sale bin at a local crafts supply store and bought two packs. 
 I wanted them to be pink for this project, but a special pink and not as pinky pink as the Pink Sherbet Alcohol ink and not as peachy pink as the Shel Pink, so I mixed them.
 To color the beads, I left them on the thread and put the whole string into the plastic bag, then squirted some of each alcohol ink color in with them, worked them around in the ink until everything was covered.
 I let them dry on my nonstick craft mat. and then I separated them into the kits.
 I wanted to use some grey corrugated paper I had but it was just too dark, so I used Spun Sugar Distress Paint and Candied Apple Distress Paint on top of it and that lightened it up and made it fit the project a littte better.
 One thing I really wanted on this project was to have texture. So I cut hearts out of burlap, corrugated paper, felt, ticking, and canvas that I colored with Spun Sugar paint and stain as well as Candied Apple paint and stain.
The only other thing I colored in the kit was the grey lace.  I dyed it with Hickory Smoke Distress Stain.  The kits were small, but organized into columns for easy assembly.
 Everyone finished their project in class 
and they were very happy with it!

Including my youngest student who not only finished her project but she finished first AND posed for a picture with me.
It was such a fun, creative night! 

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