Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hugs - Bella Blvd Riley

I was given the Riley collection by Bella Blvd since I am the resident Crazy Cat Lady at my LSS. As usual we were to do a layout and another project, so I was inspired by Nancy Burke with her Goofy's Sky School layout and used it as inspiration for this layout.

 I had been Hug Your Cat Day around the time I got the paper, so I decided to use a picture from Instagram and document my huge success hugging my kitties. LOL

 The cat shapes were cut out of the tags that went along the bottom of the page. I scanned a cat shape from one of the journaling/title cards in the paper collection and made it into an svg file to cut out of the tags on my Cricut.  It made for some easy embellishing that's for sure!
 **No cats or humans were harmed in the hugging on National Hug Your Cat Day, but my feral Marmee (bottom right pic) definitely didn't like it and felt I had lost my ever lovin' mind. She wasn't mad for long and was following me around asking for love not long after the attempted hugging.**

These are the tags I cut out using my Cricut and the cat shape I scanned from this collection.

Thanks for the idea Nancy!  This was definitely a fun, easy layout once I got the tags cut.

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Susan Stringfellow said...

SO cute and so stinkin' funny! Mine hate it too but it must be done sometimes. :)