Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fortune Red

I finished another one of the two page layouts from the class I am taking at my LSS.
*NOTE* - this is not my design, I just made it fit my pictures, so the basic layout is from a class and I slightly altered the photo placement and embellishments.  Otherwise, this is all Nicole from my LSS.
On one of our many trips to Disneyland, and probably on a date night trip, Mr. Diva and I stopped to check out Fortune Red in a little alcove doorway near Pieces of Eight at the exit from Pirates.  Fortune Red talks to you and tells you your forturne. So you won't forget it, he gives you a print out to take home.  He is quite partial to his map and gestures to it throughout his fortune telling.

Although this Bo Bunny Timepiece paper was mostly about family, I managed to make it fit Red.
Nicole used Tim Holtz Gears and Picture Wheel for embellishments.  For the title I used Lifestyle Crafts' Splendid alpha.  The clock hands on the picture wheel are Tim Holtz Ideaology ink tip and the center is a little brad thing from 7 Gypsies.
 I added the fortune card to this page and hope the hot pink isn't too offensive.  I also added some of the Bo Bunny stickers on this page, including the strength, guidance and support one.  I thought that was funny for this page.  Just a little of my odd humor on display as I tried to make this collection work with fortune telling pirate pictures.

Another really fun layout Nicole!  I am really enjoying this class and  not having to think about design one night a month.

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