Saturday, May 25, 2013

Donald Duck #1

This was another layout for the Disney Scrappers NSD challenges.  I went to photograph it for the blog this morning and the kitten I rescued decided he would help me.
 I think you need to fluff this ribbon right here...let me help you with it.
 "And I'm not sure about this journaling riiiiiiiiight here."

Somehow I managed to get him preoccupied and was able to get a few photos taken before he returned.  
These are just two of the many pictures I took of Donald Duck back in the Thunder Ranch Jamboree area where he is hamming it up and hogging the camera.  DD cracks me up! 
This layout was supposed to have a hidden Mickey (ok, mine aren't so hidden) and we were to follow this sketch.
 I had purchased some MME Collectible paper, specifically the Notable line, for another NSD color challenge and I had so much left over and it went so well with these pictures that I just used the rest of it on this layout.


Susan Stringfellow said...

omgosh, he is just tooooo freaking cute!!! I miss mine being that little. Its much easier on a layout than when they are big. LOL! LOVE this page, great paper choice. I need to go pick up more of that collection I think

Laurie Zeller said...

I still think Mr Diva needs to get the memo about posing for silly photos with a little more gumption. Just sayin'. ~wink~ Adorable layout!