Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Print Pumpkins

I found this idea on pinterest and it linked me to this site, but there were no directions, so I just did my own thing.

First I took a heap pumpkin from the $ store, paint, mod podge some leftover black leaves, and an old book from the thrift store.

Paint the pumpkin cream first or the orange will show through and it looks weird. I was hoping for cool, but it wasn't, so paint first.
I tore the pages of the book. It is old, so the paper is crackly and it will tear easily. Keep that in mind when mod podging, because you need to be careful.
Mod podge the strips from the pages all over the pumpkin.
Let it dry.
Paint the stem black.
Glue gun some black leaves and some kraft colored stems from the floral section of the craft store.
That's it, you're done!

Note: If I hadn't used a really old book, I would probably have added a step where I antiqued either the paper or the whole pumpkin afterward, but the naturally yellowed paper from the old book was really cool, so I just left them the way they turned out.


Candy C said...

Your bookprint pumpkins are adorable! I totally love them. They will look wonderful next to your altered Halloween book! <3 Candy

theelfqueen said...

These are SO AMAZING.

scrapbookertink said...

Gosh Tami, just saw this over at disneyscappers and thought you had just posted the pic did not realise you had made them, so amazing love them, you could sell these LOL, take care, Doreen x