Monday, February 8, 2010

Orchard House - Home of Louisa May Alcott

In November, when I was back in Boston with my mom and sister for my sister's treatment at Tufts Medical Center, we took a day a went out to Concord. Having never been there, we took our time meandering though the town and then finally out to the Orchard House. This was the home of the Alcott family and was where Louisa May wrote her famous book, Little Women. Her father held classes on philosophy in a building in the back, and they were great friends with Emerson and Thoreau.

Last week when I was at CHA, I got some complimentary Scrap Within Reach paper (thanks Heidi and Nancy!) and on the way home in absolutely horrendous traffic, I spent the time planning what I would do with the paper. I decided that the Urban Garden line would be perfect for my pictures of Orchard House.

Then this week, my friend Susan Stringfellow made the template below and challenged us to complete a layout using the template and cutting the pieces out of patterned paper. I thought it would be a great addition to my Orchard House layout, so I gave it a shot.

Here is the template:

Here is the layout using the Urban Garden. I included a picture of me in front of the house, the sign, Mr. Alcott's philosophy classroom, and a picture of me with my sis in front of the door. Part of her treatment included a shot that made her quite photo sensitive and she had to stay completely covered, thus the hood and glasses in the pic.

It was a terrific tour, we really enjoyed our tour guide, learned a lot about the Alcott's, and then when it was over, out of concern for my sister, the sweet tour guide gave us a ride back into town to the famous Colonial Inn.

If you're ever in Concord, Massachusetts I highly recommend a few hours at the Orchard House!

Scrap Within Reach: Urban Garden
Black brads
Susan Stringfellow template


Susan Stringfellow said...

Oh this collection is PERFECT for these photos. I have got to get some. LOVE the birdie with it too. Kind of reminds me of a quilt.

Laurie Zeller said...

You've been busy, Tami! Beautiful work.