Saturday, February 18, 2017

Creativation 2017 Samples - Part 4

First an apology- my desktop computer is being completely uncooperative and freezing up so I am unable to post from it and am forced to post from my phone. Therefore I'm going to have to keep it simple and let the pictures do the talking. There also will only be limited links until I can get my computer fixed and go back to link to items. 

Continuing with my samples for Creativation CHA 2017, I made this card with Flower Jars CMS297
I started with these supplies.
Put some Pumice Stone, Hickory Smoke, and a tiny bit of Vintage Photo onto a craft mat and spritz with water until it beads.

Wipe the Distress Mixed Media Heavystock through the ink. Dry. Add more of the Ink. Dry. Build up layers of color.

When  that step is complete it will look something like this.
Using the Distress Sprayer, spritz large droplets of water onto the background and dry.

You can see how this adds a layer of lighters spots to the background.

Put some Ground Espresso Distress Ink onto the Craft Mat and spray with water. Load the Distress Splatter brush with the into and splatter it across the background.
Use the stone stamp from the Slate & StoneCMS jj

Stamp the stone in Ground Espresso Archival Ink. I added one more step here. I covered the background with a layer of Distress Collage Medium Matte. Do this quickly so you preserve the background details.

Once the background was completed I stamped the flower jars and flowers onto the corner using Dround Espresso Archival Ink. Let it dry. Scribble a few colors of Distress Crayon and water brush and color in the jars and flowers. I used the Crayons because I wanted them to be opaque and not see through like Distress Inks. 

The last two things I added were the Mini Motivations  quote and I die cute a tag from Distress Heavystock and then stamped the wood grain from the Birch and Pine Stamp set. 

Again I apologize for the horrible state of this blog post. I've tried the computer, iPad and my phone and all three are fighting me, so it's a small miracle that I even got this much posted. :-D 
Thank you so much for sticking with me if you got this far! 


Cathy M said...

Great the mason jars and the wall behind it.

Arnhilds Kreative hender said...

Beautiful card, love the details

Susan Stringfellow said...

Very interesting and that stamp is awesome!

Daria said...

Lovely card and sentiment! I love the background you created. Thank you for the tutorial.