Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Freedom Collection Class Projects

The Freedom Collection by Authentique was the paper line I used for my August class.  It was originally going to be a July class, but ended up getting scheduled in August, which is fine by me because I was using it for family trips to historical sites, not for 4th of July anyway.
In the collection kit classes we do one two page layout and then I include directions for one or two other projects: home decor, mini book, another layout, etc.
 The layout for this project was based on this one page sketch. Sketch Savvy #147
I was inspired by the design and stretched it into a two-pager. I included my favorite American Revolutionary, James Otis, the first revolutionary.  He was revolutionary before revolutionary was cool. ;-D  He gave us a tour of Boston's Freedom Trail and these are photos of him with the graves of Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and the victims of the Boston Massacre of 1770.
The first additional project was a one page layout based on Sketch Savvy #143
 It just seemed so perfect for the photos of my favorite American Revolutionary, James Otis near his grave. He was given the nickname, The Patriot by another founding father, Samuel Adams, who did a LOT more than just make beer. In the top photo he is explaining why people leave stones, coins or other things on the tops of grave markers.  It is a symbol you leave to represent that you have been there and paid your respects.  People leave pennies on Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin's graves. Because one was a smith, it bears one's likeness, and one said "a penny saved is a penny earned." 
The final project directions in the kit were for the Sweet Land of Liberty mini book  I had detailed printed directions and photos in the kit, but am including photos here and a 10 minute video at the end of this blog detailing how to make the book and put it together.  
I haven't had time to go through all of my photos from our trips back east, but I will be including a few pictures from our trips to Boston, Lexington, Concord, Philadelphia and Gettysburg.

The first two pages and inserts will be Boston and Philly, including of course the Liberty Bell.
 The second two pages and inserts will be about the flag.  That will include the Betsy Ross house in Philly, and possibly the flag flying over some important historical sites.

 These two pages will be photos of battlefields like Gettysburg, Lexington and Concord.
 And the back page is going to have a journaling card with a quote of something talking about the US.

For some of the people who purchased the class kit and weren't able to attend the class, here are some of the tidbits we discussed in class regarding how to do each project in the kit if you so choose.
I broke them down into one video for each project. 
NOTE: If you have a kit, it is important that you read the directions before you start each project.  It keeps you from being surprised along the way or not having enough of something.  So please take a little extra time to read the directions and even have them as reference as you peruse the videos. 
If you have any questions, feel free to email me through this blog. Thanks!

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