Monday, April 28, 2014

A Day on Buena Vista Street

I started taking the Basic Grey Page of the Month Layout  (BGPOTM) class at my LSS.  You get a lot in your kit and if you add just little more here and there you can squeeze out quite a few layouts!  I managed to get two 2-pagers and one 1-pager out of this month's CAPTURE kit. The papers in the CAPTURE line kind of turned me off at first and then when I was searching for pictures to go on the paper, I was surprised at how well it went with many of my photos from Disney's California Adventure park.

Here is one BGPOTM Layout from the class. The fabulous Kelly Goree did a great layout with a quilting technique at the bottom, but I just didn't feel like it went with my photos.  It was a little too busy.  So I used her basic layout design and did my own thing.  That allowed me to focus on the colors and I realized my general Buena Vista Street photos would fit perfectly with these papers. 
 There is no technique to these pages, but I did want to point out that the Capture line has this really cool tissue tape that looks like old, aged scotch tape and it has a few words printed on it.  I'm in love with it!
 Here is a close-up of the tissue tape.  I hope they make more of this!

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blupixy said...

Mickey is so cute in your photos! Loving that tape with the words as well. Gonna have to get some! Thanks for sharing another great layout!