Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Decor I - Burlap, Black and Pink Banner and Tags

I normally don't decorate for Valentines Day.  It's just not something we usually celebrate.  It seems like prices for everything "romantic" get so inflated in February that it sapped the fun out of the whole idea for us early in our marriage.  I'm not a jewelry kinda girl, and although I love flowers, long ago, I told him not to pay the exorbitant prices during February.  We don't even get each other cards.  Both of us are totally fine with this.  I'd rather save the money and buy more scrapbook stuff when it comes on sale. (truth!)

So don't ask me what possessed me to decide to decorate for Valentines Day this year.  I have no idea.   But I'm doing it. So here are some of my decorations so far.  This may need to come in installments since some of it is taking me a little longer than expected.  If I don't finish by the 14th, no biggie.  I'm leaving it all up through the end of February.

First, I decided to start with four tags -- I have a spot on my living room wall where I hang four 5x7 frames with something in them.  For Valentines I decided to make 4 tags.  Here are the close -ups.
 Burlap, black embossed tag, pink pearls, pink inked doily, rock candy glitter, pink inked roses, pink painted Tim Holtz charm.
 Pink painted and embossed manila tag, prima flower, burlap, pink lace and velvet ribbon, cherub button, heart pins, pink painted Tim Holtz word tag
 Black tag, Tim Holtz stamp in pink paint, pink prima flower, burlap hearts, pink lace, pink pearls, pink painted and rock candy stickled Prima frame, cherub button, pearl heart pins.
 Burlap, pink lace, pink velvet ribbon, dyed leaves and dyed black roses with rock candy glitter, cameo button, pink painted tag.

In order to mount them, I needed frames. I bought four plastic frames from the Dollar Tree.  I painted them cream with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and then aged them with three coats of wax - clear, dark and then another clear coat.
 Before I painted them I wanted to add something that was Valentiney, and I had found a baggie of old curtain hooks with cherubs on them at a thrift store.  I cut the hooks off and glued one on the top of each frame.  Then I painted and aged with the wax.

Here are what the tags look like in their respective cherub frames.

Of course, none of my home decor would be complete without a banner for the fireplace.  I had a vision of what I wanted, and this wasn't quite it.  Once I got this made and hung, I decided it was too symmetrical, but it's ok for my first Valentine's Banner. 

I added a few junk bows to soften the edges a little and decided to call it good.  
One thing I do really like is the combination of the burlap, black and soft pink organza and velvet. 

That's as far as I've gotten with the decor, but stay tuned for a wreath, the kitchen mantle, living room mantle, and entrance table.  Yes, I have a lot to do.

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Bobbi said...

Looks like it's coming together how you use your "pickins" to embellish your stuff!!