Monday, June 11, 2012

Pooh Bear and Eeyore Save the Day!

I have scrapped some photos from this Disney memory before, but I added some new ones on this layout.     What happened is that I had a Disney Scrapbook club at my LSS, and so some of us decided to take a trip to Disneyland together.  Two of the girls had little ones.  One of them, H had been taking her daughter since she was born, but it was the first time for T and her son.   The day started off just great with the Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise.  Then, we went on Pirates, not having any idea that it would completely and utterly terrify poor T's son.  We quickly tried to regroup and headed to Critter Country for a little time with Pooh and Eeyore, which greatly helped the situation.  Unfortunately we had done a number on the kid as far as dark rides go for quite some time.  I'm happy to say that he did grow out of it eventually and came to enjoy Disneyland immensely before they had to move out of state.  So at least we didn't scar him for life.

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!  I actually got out my Cricut CARTIDGES and cut some things out!!  I can't tell you the last time I actually used a cartridge. And if the truth be told, it actually wasn't all that bad once I figured out how to get it to cut all the parts again.  There was a slight re-learning curve and I ruined several pieces of cardstock, but I was victorious in the end!!

I kept this side fairly simple, but had fun using the stickers and my Mickey punches for the journaling block.

If you haven't gotten to ride the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland, take a virtual ride here:


Judy Bagwell said...

This LO is so sweet. Love the papers. Thanks for the virtual ride. I have not been to Disneyland...yet. It is a little different than Disney World. Gotta love 'ol Pooh Bear!

Wendy said...

Oh my gosh! This layout is so super cute! I love it!!!