Thursday, April 26, 2012


We were so lucky to get this picture when we did.  They had been working on this adorable Tangled  photo spot for quite some time in Disneyland's Fantasyland, right at the exit of the Pinocchio ride.  The movie hadn't come out yet, but I was anxiously awaiting it!  On a trip in October, we saw that the photo spot was open and we jumped in the very short queue.  Most people had no idea what it was or who the characters were yet.
When we got in to see Rapunzel and Flynn, we said hello and I greeted then both by name.  Flynn was so surprised that I knew who he was that he said to Rapunzel, "Hey!  She knows my name!"  to which Rapunzel rolled her eyes and said, "No surprise there!"  Heh!

 This layout was based on Sketch #8 from Sketch Savvy.

 I used the sun motif from the movie for several embellishments on this layout. I downloaded an image from the internet and made it into a file so I could cut them on my Cricut.

 That photo spot is so completely adorable!!  I just love it.  And since the photo spot was out early to promote the opening of the movie, they had cute bookmarks for free as you exited.  So, like any good scrapper, I took one!

 These pennants and mini sun's I cut on my Cricut.

 The ticket is a Tim Holtz tag and I thought the saying fit this movie perfectly!  The centers of the flowers are more mini suns.

On the big sun, I added a Hidden Mickey in the center. I felt like this corner needed something else, but everything I tried just didn't seem to work.  I probably should have cut another smaller sun to fit with a little cluster of embellishments, but I really wanted it to be prominent since it is such a major motif in the movie.


blupixy said...

Really love how this one turned out! I love the sun and banner element! Thanks for sharing!

Bobbi said...

Absolutely adorable, makes me smile to look at those layouts. You always manage to get the best pictures and find the photo opps before anyone else!!

Susan Stringfellow said...

oh how funny is that!!!! LOL!!! Love it. Thanks for using the sketch. I will add it to the blog. Beautiful pages and those suns are my fave part. I would love to have photos with them.

Cindy said...

love love love it! That sun is just perfect too! Is it a svg file, it looks so cool.

Laura Drahozal said...

This is a gorgeous layout! I just love what you did with all the sun images from the movie. The texture on the edges is perfect, too. It looks like the curls from her hair.

Amanda Pires said...

The suns are adorable! Could you tell me how you did this on your cricut?

Michelle Clutts said...

Hi! I am extremely new to the Cricut! I have borrowed one for my son and future daughter in laws wedding shower. It will be Disney inspired. Their favorite movie is Tangled and I was wanting to make some lanterns. The ceiling of our location is much to high to be able to hang them, but I think we can make them into centerpieces! Exactly HOW do I download a file to make the sun? Thank you!! I'm desperate!