Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12 Tags of Christmas Day #11

Okay, today's tag appeared to be one of the easiest, but ended up being a nightmare. The whole Shrik Plastic in Utee in a melting pot did not work for me. I believe my melting pot is defective, because it never gets the UTEE melted and the second you take the top off it has a thick scum on the top that doesn't allow you to put anything in the UTEE or to pour the UTEE. I have contacted Ranger and they have assured me that as soon as they get more melting pots in stock that my defective one will be replaced. I put some pictures below of the disasters we had to deal with.

None-the-less, we did figure out a way to get the thing done even with the technique, it was just a variation of the technique.

Okay, so here is the finished tag. In order to get this to work without the melting pot, I cut the Shrink Plastic and then applied clear embossing ink to one side, put a lot of UTEE on it and used the heat gun. At first I thought I had ruined it because it curled so much, but it actually worked!

Here are some of the disasters from the defective melting pot incident:

Notice that the light is on and it isn't heating but there is this film on the top. Gross!Here are two holly leaves and a branch that I tried to melt in the UTEE in the melting pot. Had to salvage them by re-melting the UTEE with the heat tool. What a disaster!

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blupixy said...

Glad to hear they are working with you to get a new one! Sucks that it didn't work to begin with!