Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Couple of Classic Claras

For the Disney Fan Club, D23, we went to their 1st Anniversary party in Fantasyland at Disneyland. They had lots of characters that were rare, including these two classic Disney characters, Clarabelle Cow and Clara Cluck. Both are from early Disney shorts and are almost never seen around the park. I was thrilled to be able to get a picture with both of these fellow Disney Divas.
The chicken was from a template that my friend Susan drew and challenged us to use on a layout a couple of years ago. So you can see, I am still true to form in that I started this layout way back then, worked on it a little at a crop a year ago, and am just getting it finished now. In fact, this is so old, the forum where she posted the template and challenge is no longer in existence. Hopefully one of these days I will finish layouts sooner than later.

Here are a few shorts featuring the lovely Clarabelle Cow and Clara Cluck.

Here is Clarabelle's first appearance in Plane Crazy (she looks much different, as do Mickey, Minnie and Pluto!)

Symphony Hour has both Clarabelle Cow as a violinist and Clara Cluck as a cellist. It even has Clarabelle's sometimes beau Horace Horsecollar in it.

Symphony Hour by MistyIsland1

Orphans' Benefit also has both characters:

and one more with all of them!
Mickey's Birthday Party (1942)

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theelfqueen said...

WOW WOW!!! I want Clarabelle pics! And theis page is fantastic!