Monday, November 16, 2009

An Album for Malachi

My friends Wes and Rachel had a little boy, Malachi, who was battling a form of leukemia. Almost three weeks ago he quietly passed from his mother's arms into the arms of Jesus. He had a wonderful smile and his mom posted so many adorable pictures of his happy face on her blog that I really wanted to make an album for Malachi and Wes and Rachel so that they could cherish the wonderful memories they had with him. This was a task I knew I could never complete alone, so I called on my scrapbooking friends, some of whom called on their scrapbooking friends, and together, we made this album of memories for Kai's family.

Many thanks to the ladies who contributed pages to this album.
Sandy Kim Tiffany Noli Janice R Suzy
Janice L Susan Sue Colleen Dawn Alisa
Linda Allison Brenda Jan Terry Heather

Kai had an amazing way of affecting people he never even met with his sweet spirit, and Wes and Rachel touched many people they never met with their strength and courage. If you would like to read more about Kai and his journey, please visit their Caring Bridge site and follow their story there.

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Susan Stringfellow said...

Oh what a beautiful sweet album for remembering such an adorable little boy! He just looks like a bundle of fun and joy really. Thanks for sharing with all of us and you all did a fantastic job.