Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Very Merry UnBirthday to YOU!

I put some of my QuicKutz to use and made this fun pull out card. I learned how to make this card several years ago when I was in Not Your Ordinary Bookclub.

It's a pop up card, so when you pull the bottom of the navy strip, the top pops up to reveal this candle with the tag that reads "Wishing you a..."

then the inside of the card finishes the sentiment with "...Happy Birthday."

Basic Gray Lime Rickey (and a strip of Two Scoops)
Martha Stewart white opaque pen
Fun Foam
QuicKutz used:
Cake REV-0159-S
Candles REV-0156-S
Happy Birthday REV-0157-S
QuicKutz Club Tab - QC-0015
QuicKutz Club Tag - QC-0016

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