Monday, May 25, 2009


This is a page I really had fun making! When I saw the blue Saffron paper by K & Co. I had "Colors of the Wind" in my head. For some reason it just screamed Pocahontas to me. So, I cut out the windy swirls and set about making a page that fit this Native American Princess. This was a page that sat on my scrap table for a couple of days until I realized what it needed - beads! So off to the bead store for some beading needles and seed beads.

I decided to put beads in several locations. I threaded multiple beads onto the jute that is tied through the end of the journaling tag.

Then I poked holes through the paper with an awl and sewed the tiny seed beads all along the border of the brown paper. This added just the texture I was looking for. But It needed just a little more, so I cut out the butterflies and rolled their wings around a pencil to make them stand out. Then I attached a bead to each end of a 2" piece of wire and folded it in half to form the butterfly antennae. For the body I used a bit of Ranger Distress Stickles in Walnut Ink color. I used an EK Sucess sticker set for Pocahontas and the title and I was done. I love when a page is fun to put together and you like it when it's done!

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Laurie Zeller said...

All those beads!! WOW!!